Skippy John's back and ready to get primary schools active again!

By Kieran Hadfield - 4 September 2020


Skipping Instructor John Burn is ready to offer his full-day skipping sessions to primary schools across the UK and Ireland.

Originally a circuit training and aerobics Instructor in South Marston, Skippy John - a nickname given to him by Richard Hammond during his Total Wipeout appearance, has been involved in the world of skipping for over 10 years.


He said: "I've always been into fitness and I saw an advert looking for children's fitness Instructors. I'd already done children's football coaching so I thought I'd look into it. Turns out it was for a children's skipping Instructor and as I used skipping a lot in my circuit training, I thought, why not. I gained a qualification from the BRSA, the British Rope Skipping Association, to teach skipping in schools. After working for a company for a few years I went solo, with schools asking me to coach the children."


Prior to Covid-19, his one-man operation saw John hosting full-day skipping classes at primary schools, teaching basic techniques as well as the fun tricks such as 'The Pretzel', 'double unders' and 'crossovers'.  


Skippy John's aim is to help children become fitter by engaging in a great form of exercise.


Speaking of the fitness benefits, he said: "It's a great all-round exercise because you work on stamina, speed, flexibility, co-ordination and agility. There's also elements of team-work and co-operation with partner and Double Dutch skipping."


This fitness mission, he believes, is now more important than ever as many children in lockdown struggled to get enough exercise. With schools starting to reopen across the UK and Ireland, John is re-opening his books, seeing this time as the perfect opportunity to start giving kids the exercise they need.


He said: “Skipping is perfect for post-lockdown exercise as it is non-contact, allowing children to get the exercise they need whilst staying safe."


In line with coronavirus safety procedures, John will be extensively cleaning his skipping ropes during sessions and applying social distancing measures.


To further push his fitness goals, he will also be selling his new solar ropes at the end of his sessions. These skipping ropes glow a fluorescent colour when outside, and are designed to get kids active and outdoors. 


Booking information can be found at his website or by calling 01793 423105. 

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