5 Easy Tips To Help Your Home Feel Larger

By Swindon Link - 11 September 2023

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Have you ever looked at your home and wished it was bigger? Click here to find out how you can achieve it without a full-on renovation project.

  • Photo by Outsite Co on Unsplash

    Photo by Outsite Co on Unsplash

Even with a beautiful, luxurious home that has had a lot of work put into it, there’s always the possibility that you will look around and think: I wish this place felt a little bigger.

Large homes, or homes that feel large, are all the rage in 2023, which is part of the reason why renovation projects are seeing such a meteoric rise – just last year, 88% of UK residents said they had undergone a renovation of some kind in 2022.

But what if we told you that you don’t have to undergo a full renovation project if you want your home to feel larger? Most of the time, end goals like this can be achieved through illusion or slight functional changes that change the feel of the household. To help you understand what these are, we’ve listed down the five best – and easiest – ways to make a home feel larger:

Utilise Reflections

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or a hotel and thought: wow, this place is pretty big. Only to find out that the space is actually quite small, and they’ve just used mirrors to make the interior feel larger, and with more tables and customers? It seems almost too simple, but mirrors can be perfect for reflecting light and making a space feel far larger than it actually is.

Change Up Your Internal Doors

We’ve seen a few home designers on the internet say that you should remove internal doors to create a “flow” in your home, and make the space feel larger as a result. But we don’t think you have to go this far. Instead, we’d recommend getting new indoor doors that are transparent rather than opaque, with glass panes that will create more visibility and don’t interrupt that flow which makes the space feel bigger.

Get Your Paint Clothes On

This is the pointer you were hoping for, isn’t it? Everyone loves a good paint job, and painting the walls a different colour is often the best way to change the feel and atmosphere quickly and cheaply. In terms of making a space feel bigger, we recommend choosing lighter colours that will reflect the light, such as cream, pale grey, or simply white. We’d also recommend sticking to one colour palette. It can be hard to resist opting for different colours for different rooms, but if you stick to just one, you will enhance the proportions of your home and similarly create a cohesiveness that ties it all together.

Create A Rhythm With Your Floors

Speaking of cohesiveness, another great way to continue the flow of a space is by reflooring and laying the same floorboards in the kitchen, lounge, and living areas. If you’re worried about everything looking a bit “samey”, then adding rugs can be a great way to add something a little different in every room, without tightening and visually shrinking your space.

Avoid Clutter

The last thing you can do to make your space feel larger is simple: avoid mess! Some people think it’s a myth, but a messy home really does shrink the space and make it feel so much smaller. In this way, you need to try to avoid clutter and do everything you can to keep the space cleared and open as a result. This could also be a good opportunity to try out a DIY project, creating your own wardrobe or storage chests to store your things and avoid them being left around the house! Whatever you choose to do, if you make sure your space is allowed to breathe, then all of the other things you’ve done on this lift will shine, and make your home feel so much larger, luxurious, and livable!

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