Swindon Photographic Society hosts annual exhibition

By Claire Dukes - 6 August 2018

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Local camera club, Swindon Photographic Society, will be hosting its annual photography exhibition 12 to 19 August.

Formerly The North Wiltshire Field abd Camera Club, since 1898 budding photographers from Swindon and the surrunding area have been practicing their artitsic talent in a bid to make the finals of Swindon Photogrpahic Society's annual exhibition.

From 12 August to 19 August the camera club will be diplaying all the winning prints, as well as all the photogrpahs entered in to the competition, at Canal Walk.

A spokesperson for Swindon Photographic Society said: "A large number of our members have work in this exhibition. We hope you enjoy looking at the wide range of styles and themes on show. They are brought to you by members who are professional and semi-professional photographers. More importantly perhaps is that they are also brought to you by relative novices to photography.

"We feel it is proof of our claim that anyone can come and enjoy photography. No experience necessary Some have large expensive cameras, and some have cheap basic cameras. Often the most complex part of photography is deciding where to point the camera and when to press the shutter.

"We provide a mixed programme of competitions and lectures, practical sessions and summer outdoor meetings. A wide selection of expert speakers and Judges help to stimulate and encourage our members of all abilities, to fulfil their photographic potential. In one season we have over 16 competitions, plus 13 lecturers and presentations on various aspects of photography today. There are regular workshops showing 'how to' plus plenty of chances to show your photos. It is a truth in our club that a newcomer can bring as much inspiration to an expert, as an expert can to a newcomer."

For further informaiton visit www.swindonphotosoc.org.uk

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