Swindon Academy enters the dragons' den

By Claire Dukes - 6 August 2018


Last month year 10 students from Swindon Academy braved the dragons at Excalibur Communications.

In groups of 10, pupils presented a panel of dragons with business proposals on how they could improve I.T resources in education. The ideas were based around technoloy advancements and business models included the use of fingerprint scanners, cloud-based websites, and virtual reality.

The panel consisted of Peter Boucher, - Excalibur CEO - James Phipps, - Excalibur Chairman - Jamie Hill, - Swindon Link Editor - and Emma Carter - Excalibur Sales and Marketing Director.

The students' presentations in front of the panel also included marketing tactics, such as branding, as well as budgeting and practicing their presentation skills.

Jessica Cook, Learning Manager at Swindon Academy, said: "It's key for students to see how what they do in the classroom translates into the workplace, and it's key that they see what goes on in the workplace."

This year Swindon Academy will also be partnering with Grit, an organisation which supports young people to aim and achieve higher through education.

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