What to do in Scandinavia as a British tourist

By Staff Reporter - 28 August 2018

  • Image Source: Daniel Frank

    Image Source: Daniel Frank

Scandinavia is a glorious region of the world to visit if you’re a Brit looking for something a bit different from your next holiday. If you need a bit more convincing about what makes it so special, here are just a few ideas about what you could do when you book your Scandinavian adventure.

Check Out the Fjords in Norway

Perhaps the most famous natural wonder of the area, Norway’s fjords are both outstandingly gorgeous to behold and also home to a lot of different activities and opportunities for exploration.

From hiking up to the snow-capped peaks to gaze down on the pure waters below, to actually sailing those waters aboard a cruise liner with all the conveniences you could ask for, you can get to know this part of Scandinavia in whatever way suits your tastes.

Dine in Copenhagen

British tourists have developed a fairly sophisticated pallet in recent decades, so are more likely than ever to seek out uniquely delicious dining experiences around the world.

If you’re a foodie and you decide to head to Denmark, you should definitely put Copenhagen on your list of places to visit. It has cutting edge eateries galore and is a city where chefs feel confident enough to get experimental with the dishes they create.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing restaurants in the capital is Geranium, which is tucked away in the sports stadium where the Danish national team plays its home matches. It sticks to set menus, so you get what you’re given, and the incredible presentation of each dish is second only to the exquisite tastes they offer.

Visit a Casino in Stockholm

Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and boasts beautiful architecture, beautiful views and beautiful people. It’s also a great place to go if you want to see what it’s like to experience the Scandinavian gambling scene.

The Casino Cosmopol provides everything you’d expect from a world-class venue, from classic table games and electronic slots to amazing restaurants, brilliant bars and a host of live entertainment options.

If you’d rather stick to online gambling in Scandinavia,click here to visit the Casumo site. This Swedish firm has built a great reputation in the UK and is just as popular in its homeland amongst those who want to play games and win cash on their smartphones.

Get Lost in Lapland

Perched in the northern tip of Finland,Lapland is often claimed to be the home of Santa Claus. So if you’ve got kids and you want to book a winter break in Scandinavia, then it’s a good place to add to your list.

There are hundreds of thousands of reindeer living in the area and you can easily grab a ride on a sledge when the snowfall has been heavy enough. It’s also a great destination for skiing, while treks through the largely uninhabited forests that stretch northwards will have an undeniably magical feel to them.

In the summer the sun doesn’t really set thanks to its close proximity to the Arctic Circle, so Lapland can also be a top area to check out when the winter chill is a distant memory.

Escape to Iceland

Like Finland, Iceland is not always included in the standard definition of Scandinavia, but British tourists should definitely consider it as an option because of the superb sights that can be soaked up in this small nation.

The volcanic landscape is unusual, looking more like an alien planet than something that you’d expect to find down here on Earth. Bubbling hot springs provide an inviting place to take a dip and get away from the cold air, while hills and mountains create dramatic views that will take your breath away.

Local folklore makes this mythic land even more alluring, while the capital of Reykjavik is home to picturesque buildings, iconic churches and some exciting nightlife options for party animals.

Wherever you decide to go in Scandinavia as a British tourist, make sure you take advantage of all that the region has to offer and plan things to do and see ahead of time, rather than taking a risk and ending up disappointed.



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