Funding crossing supervisors and teething issues for parking team

By Swindon Link - 1 October 2018


Lib Dem councillor Cllr Stan Panak

A combined motion at Swindon Council by Labour and Lib Dem Eastcott councillors for funding for a new lollipop crossing patrol person for Eastcott Road to get children safely across to King William Street school has failed. 

The Conservative administration's stance on this is unbelievable in that any retiring lollipop person in Swindon whether through sickness, retirement or a new job will not be replaced no matter how dangerous the road. I am calling on the parish council to fund the King William Street crossing person. This would be a radical change for what originally parish councils were created for, but with the annual sum of only around £3,290 for a lollipop person it is well worth it and what parish councils who support our communities should all be about.   

Parish councillor Toby Robson was shocked in his conversation with parking enforcement officers to hear that the new recording system was suffering terrible teething problems, forcing officers to use their own mobile phones to seek information or report problems. If this was not bad enough at times due to sickness or long term absences there have been only two officers patrolling the whole of Swindon. The Eastcott ward and the town centre is beset with parking problems ranging from dangerous parking to people without permits parking in resident parking zones - forcing residents to park illegally or walk long distances to their homes. The talk of improving traffic flow is a nonsense if it is not backed up by better enforcement.

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