1997 October: Swindon at the forefront of mental health support

By Roger Ogle - 2 December 2018

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Gardening charity launches with business backing

With mental health issues at a higher state of awareness nationally over the last few years, Swindon was at the forefront of creating positive opportunities twenty years ago.

On 1 October 1997, TWIGS (Therapeutic Work in Gardening in Swindon) was launched with a donation of £12,000 from local businesses.

The horticultural therapy centre is still located next to Manor Garden Centre and is now an independent charity combined with the Olive Tree Cafe which provides work opportunities for people with mental health needs within the garden centre.

TWIGS and Olive Tree currently provide support for more than 100 people working with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Find out more at www.twigscommunitygardens.org.uk

Pictured in 1997, the Mayor of Swindon Maurice Fanning receives a cheque from Liz Rouse of Burmah Castrol and TWIGS trustee Wilmer Wyatt, with, from left, the Mayoress Sheila Fanning, trustees Chris Thomas and David Pegley, development worker Ann Billingham and TWIGS member Cliff Harrison

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