Swindon Striders run in to support charity's efforts to prevent homelessness

By Swindon Link - 14 November 2018


A running group from Swindon has put its best feet forward in support of a local homeless charity's juicy new initiative to support rough sleepers.

‘Swindon Striders’ one of Swindon’s most dedicated running club community, ran in to Threshold’s ‘Health & Wellness Juices Recovery Café with a flood of donations of tinned soup to support the towns homeless and those that are being supported in Threshold’s resettlement hostels.

Swindon Striders running club captain Darren Petitt said: “As a club we are very community oriented and our members like to support worthy local causes. We are always moved by the fact when we’re out together running throughout the Swindon community that we see so many tents and people that are so exposed and are forced to sleep rough on the streets and in the parks of this town. It’s particularly harsh at this time of year as the weather now gets colder, wetter and the temperatures drop severely at night. For many years now Swindon Striders have been co-ordinating the collection of tins of soup and dropping them in to Threshold, Swindon’s longest established homelessness charity for distribution to those in need”.

Michael Keenan, Threshold’s Business Development and Social Impact Manager added: "It’s wonderful to feel the tremendous support of so many caring people striving to make a positive difference. We are most grateful to be able to pass these donations on to all our service users in our resettlement hostels and through our Outreach Team that engage directly with those that are sleeping rough and street homeless.

"Swindon Striders are real community champions that are motivated to improve the lives of those that are struggling on the street. It’s great to work in partnership with community groups like the Striders, together where there is collective will, a local strategy and collaborative working we really can address the challenging and complex social issue of homelessness”.  

Mark Mutlow who volunteers at the ‘Threshold’s Health & Wellness Juices Recovery Cafe’ said: “It makes all the difference the care that others show you. My situation has now totally changed as a result of the support I’ve received from Threshold. There’s frankly not enough support out there when you are forced to move onto the streets. It’s a harsh reality sleeping rough and being street homeless.

"Threshold supported me on my path of personal transformation and now I feel my life is getting back on track. Through the support I’ve received I’m now not living on the streets or in a resettlement hostel, I have now successfully moved into my own flat. With care and compassion and sincere support my life has changed for the better. I want to encourage all of Swindon to get behind the biggest solidarity event of the year next month - Threshold’s Big SleepOut 2018 the countdown is on”. 

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