Review: Is there nun better than The Burger Priest?

By Claire Dukes - 3 January 2019

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As Swindon Link launches our Heart of Swindon campaign, it's wonderful to see that The Crossing boasts quite a nice variety of places to eat.

Most recently I spotted the latest addition to the town centre, The Burger Priest, which one lunch time last month had quite a few people flocking over to it.

Perusing the menu, The Burger Priest will already be preaching to the choir on most fronts, - burgers are crowd pleasers, and you can't really go wrong - but there's plenty of options from The Vatican Specials, The Vicar's Breakfast Choice, and Biblical Ciabattas.

Despite the (ironically) sinful menu, I stayed faithful to my vegan persuasion and went for The Priest's Vegan Burger - aka a sweetcorn and chickpea patty - with fries. Unfortunately, the lord's work is not yet complete on this one as it was a little bland - and yes contrary to popular belief this is not true of all vegan food, but now's not the time to preach about that. As the new kid on the block I'm willing to forgive this oversight particularly because of The Burger Priest's top-notch fries, and the nice religious nods from the interior furnishings including the pews we sat on.

From one biblical bun to another, Swindon Link's deputy editor, Ben Fitzgerald, opted for the Cajun Chicken Burger. He said: "I am a convert to The Burger Priest, and I shall sing their praises wherever I go.

"If you're going to eat in a religious themed burger joint, then this is the one to go for."

Was I disappointed that our burgers weren't served to us by nuns on skates? Absolutely. But that being said, a burger, fries and drink cost me a grand total of just under a fiver - I speak for my bank balance when I say 'Amen'.

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