Environmental group urge council to pass climate change motion

By Claire Dukes - 24 January 2019


Climate change is a hot topic across the globe, and local environment activists are urging their council to take action.

This evening local environmentalist group, Extinction Rebellion Swindon, will be gathering outside the Civic Offices as Swindon Borough Council deliberate a climate change motion.

The motion has been brought forward by Conservative councillor, Cathy Martyn, in a bid to decrease Swindon's carbon footprint and ultimately slow down global warming.

Extinction Rebellion Swindon are rallying to support the motion put forward by Councillor Martyn. A spokesperson for the group, Jaz Sumal, said: "I hope Swindon Borough Council are treating this as a climate emergency and listening to what is going on around the world, and locally, and how as a council/community we can play our part.

"We cannot delay action, otherwise we will have a case of runaway climate breakdown. The time to act is now - not just for our future, but for the future of our children and their children.

"I really hope the council can work together across all parties. Climate Emergency has nothing to do with politics, but it has everything to do with humanity."

This evening Swindon Borough Council will discuss how the town can approach climate change. The motion states: "Climate change is a reality and a word-wide effort is essential to cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid a catastrophic temperature rise of more than 2 degrees.

"Local authorities have a big say in how we heat and power our homes and how we get around and are vital to building low carbon communities and meeting our national climate commitments.

"The UK has a world-first Climate Change Act with a legally-binding target of an 80 per cent emissions cut by 2050, and shorter-term national carbon budgets ensuring year-on-year emissions cuts."

Extinction Rebellion Swindon will be meeting outside the Civic Offices at 6.30pm this evening. For further information visit www.facebook.com/events/1068342980015820/

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