Puppetry of the Penis - coming soon to Swindon

By Swindon Link - 5 February 2019

Arts and Culture

Celebrating 20 years - this unlikely show is set to bamboozle, offend, amuse or confuse when it proudly takes to the stage of the Wyvern Theatre on September 28.

The new Puppetry of the Penis boasts all the 'greatest bits' and tells the story of how a show featuring men manipulating their bits and bobs went on to conquer the world!

Full frontal nudity fans will be able to see such eye-watering classics as The Eiffel Tower, The Loch Ness Monster. The Pelican and the Hamburger - all beautifully rendered through the medium of genital manipulation.

The Wyvern Theatre is keen to stress that this is a non-sexual show but (perhaps unsurprisingly) does contain no small amount of nudity - over 18s only.

Tickets £26.50. Click here to book.






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