No more chocolate wookies for Luke Skywalker thanks to Slimming World

By Claire Dukes - 7 February 2019

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The former owner of fancy dress shop Skywalkers is feeling camera ready after losing four stone with his local weight loss group.

A recent survey by weight loss group Slimming World has discovered that 51% of people in Swindon have had special occasions ruined by social media photos. Slimmers in Upper Stratton are now working to get themselves feeling camera ready after the survey revealed how people conscious about their weight fear being tagged in social media posts.

The study conducted by Slimming World found nights out with friends, weddings and holidays are the most commonly spoiled occasions because of social media photo fears and the worries are particularly strong for people who are unhappy with their weight.

Slimming World consultant, Emma Woodwards said: "I understand how not being comfortable with your weight can take over your life. I’ve felt anxious and uneasy when someone has taken out their phone on a night out, I’ve felt uncomfortable getting the camera out on holiday, and I’ve even spent important family occasions worrying about people’s photographs of me appearing online afterwards.

"Nowadays with smartphone cameras and social media networks, every day seems to bring numerous photo opportunities, so it’s easy to see why some people don’t feel comfortable attending special events because of worries about their picture appearing online.

“I don’t want anyone in Swindon to feel like they have to miss out on special occasions they might never get back because they’re unhappy with how they look. Together my Upper Stratton members lost 2082st last year, and not only do they tell me that losing weight has improved their confidence and self-esteem ten-fold, many now tell me they love being in front of the camera. And being part of a positive supportive group like Slimming World means that sharing recipes, tips and motivational transformations on social media becomes an extension of that support. Posts showing how members are getting on, the delicious, tasty Free Food meals they’re eating and how they’re becoming more active help them to inspire and be inspired by each other.”

Luke Kaye, also known as Luke Skywalker, has lost 4st with Slimming World since joining Emma’s group in December 2017. Social media inspired him to join Slimming World, and he now uses it regularly to get motivational support, recipe tips and inspiration online.

Luke said: “Before losing weight I hated seeing photos of myself online. I dreaded every ‘you’ve been tagged in a photo’ notification after a night out or family event. Thanks to Emma and my fellow group members especially my Mum, Daughter and Uncle I’m now full of confidence – both in the real world and online!

"As well as going to group each week, social media now really inspires and encourages me along my journey. I love seeing other people’s transformations and getting ideas for recipes to try. I am also part of our group’s Facebook page – it means we can support each other in between our weekly meetings. I love seeing everyone else achieve their weight loss dreams just as much as my own!”    

“I’d encourage anyone in Swindon to not let social media worries stop them from living their best life, or from achieving their goals and dreams, and to instead be confident and proud online. And if their goals include losing weight, they’ll always get a warm welcome from me and the members of my Monday night Upper Stratton Slimming World group.”  

To find out more about the Upper Stratton Slimming World group call Emma on 07824594033, or visit to find your nearest group. 

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