Artists invited to exhibit for A New Sentimentalism

By Ben Fitzgerald - 7 February 2019

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  • Legs by Niamh Collins

    Legs by Niamh Collins

Gallery Number Nine in Theatre Square is inviting creatives to submit work for an exhibition featuring both UK and International artists.

If all I did was tell jokes by Louise Bradley

Artsite curator and artist Beatrice Mar, who is organising the event in partnership with fellow artist Elena Stavaki, explained: “The theme for the exhibition is based on a concept created by a group of artists called A New Sentimentalism.

"This concept aims to outline the nostalgia of old techniques from Dirty Realism and New Sincerity from the 80s and 90s, a feeling that can only be described as saccharine, something that is really sweet and bitter at the same time. This concept was initiated by the writings of David Foster Wallace on literature and the effect of irony on contemporary culture. 

“As a response, 'New Sentimentalism' brings forward vulnerability as means for strict expression that challenges artists to showcase their courage in ways that are ordinarily saccharine, thereby noting that in order to escape irony, the subject should be a human and emotional one.”

For more information or to enquire about exhibiting, contact

The New Sentimentalism show will run at Gallery Number Nine from 21 February to 3 March.

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