Police's Operation Frozen doesn't 'Let it Go' when it comes to road safety

By Swindon Link - 5 April 2019


We have stopped 160 vehicles during a three-day road safety traffic operation across Swindon and Wiltshire.

Operation Frozen took place this week with officers based at the County Ground in Swindon (02/04/19), the Granada Service in Warminster (03/04/19) and the Beehive Park and Ride in Salisbury (04/04/19).

The operation was aimed at raising awareness and educating motorists about how to stay safe on the roads.


Stopped a total of 60 vehicles.
Handed out three DVSA vehicle prohibitions for defects.
Gave ten Fixed Penalty Notices (MOT, number plate offences, defective lamps, overweight and no seat belts).
Handed out seven Traffic Offence Reports (no insurance, defective tyres, traffic light offences, mobile phones and careless driving).
One vehicle was seized for no insurance.
Two tax offences were dealt with.
Words of advice given for tinted windows, which were peeled off by the driver.
Carried out one Stop and Search and gave a street caution after a small quantity of cannabis was located.


Stopped a total of 50 vehicles and various drivers given words of advice with regards to road safety and vehicle maintenance.
Gave out three Fixed Penalty Notices for not wearing seat belts and having defective lamps.
Handed out five Vehicle Defect Rectifications (defective lamps and tyres).
Handed out three Traffic Offence Reports (cord exposed on tyres).
Two people were stopped and searched for drugs, but nothing was located.


Stopped a total of 50 vehicles and various drivers given words of advice with regards to road safety and vehicle maintenance.
Gave our three Vehicle Defect Rectifications (for defective wipers, tyres and lights)
Handed our one Traffic Offence Reports (for having a bald tyre)
Gave out two Fixed Penalty Notices (for no seat belt and not installing or using a tachograph)

PC Alex Way, from Tri-Force Roads Policing Unit, said: "This was a three-day proactive operation across Swindon and Wiltshire designed to target motorists who break the law.

"This was not about "catching out bad drivers" but about raising awareness and speaking to drivers about how to stay safe.

"It covered a whole range of issues, including people not wearing seat belts or driving with defective tyres. We also spoke to drivers about upkeep and maintenance of vehicles as there were plenty of small defects that people hadn't realised about - these are all little things which could contribute to a collision.

"We know the public care about making our roads safer, so I hope this shows that we are taking action and proactively working to educate motorists about the law."

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