Youth publication hits the ground running as second edition gets underway

By Claire Dukes - 12 April 2019

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A brand-new publication putting the spotlight on youth issues has hit the ground running after the launch of its first edition - the second is now well underway.

As part of a social enterprise network, The Platform Project has launched a new youth publication to give a voice to Swindon's youngsters.

#iDare, which released its first edition in March, creates content in the form of blogs, vlogs and a YouTube channel focusing on social issues faced by young people. The creators of the online magazine are aged between 13 and 20 and have previously focused on a range of topics including bulling, social media, body image, ageism and racism.

The second edition of #iDare is now well underway but The Platform Project founder, Sadie Sharpe, says there is no cut off time for young creatives to join the team.

Speaking before the launch Sadie said: "Everything they did was so amazingly principled and substantive - without any suggestions at all the group very quickly decided that they wanted to use their voice to help other teens become the best version of themselves, with things like mental health and positive social action taking a strong emphasis in their planned content. They even came up with a list of banned topics like weight loss and 'fake' personal image promotions to avoid their young readers feeling body shamed or inadequate.

"They were very clear that the #iDare ethos is one that is real, inspiring and supportive, and I'm so incredibly proud of how they have 100% owned it - I'm super excited to see where they take it!"

As well as creating content for the magazine young people interested in photography, graphic design, website management and social media. The #iDare team will meet every Saturday for three hours throughout the rest of 2019.

See the first edition of #iDare:

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