Courts shut down drug 'cuckoo' operation in Badbury Park

By Ben Fitzgerald - 17 May 2019


Officers from the Swindon South Community Policing Team attended court today and obtained a closure order for an address in Badbury Park.

The order was obtained due to anti-social behaviour reported by those living nearby. 

There were also concerns that the resident was vulnerable to being cuckoo’d by a county lines drugs network. 

The order prevents anyone other than those named on it from entering the address for a period of three months.

Anyone who breaches the order faces being arrested and put before the courts. The order safeguards the resident from further harm and should also reduce the associated anti social behaviour. 

Acting Inspector David Tippetts said: “This order has been obtained due to concerns raised by local residents, and we have responded to these concerns. The person living at the address is vulnerable and therefore the order will allow us to work with partner agencies to prevent further issues at the address. 

“So far this year we have obtained a further eight orders across the borough which have prevented crime and anti social behaviour at a number of addresses. In the main the premises involved have had links to county lines and the orders have provided a dual role of disrupting their activity whilst also protecting the resident. 

“Whilst the order is in place our officers have a power to enter and check that it is being adhered to which is done on a regular basis. This is a power that we can use instantly if necessary by authorisation of a senior officer and then attend court within 48 hours to obtain the order. We will continue to use this method to keep people safe and prevent crime.”

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