Swindon creative agency earns international recognition for its website design

By Tyler Ody - 4 December 2019


Webflow is fast becoming the leading contender for Wordpress and the first choice for website designers around the world.

Their recent article that compiled 16 of the most beautiful blog designs built in Webflow hailed Swindon agency Bravedog's blog design as number one, stating… "Their entire site is impressive, but their blog is particularly remarkable."

They went on to say….

"Bravedog needed to make sure that their blog was successful at providing key information to their target market — a niche audience. They succeeded in doing this perfectly. The design is tailored to Bravedog's audience and is unique, sleek, and beautiful. The option to have a featured post in the hero ensures anything Bravedog creates can be seen as soon as a visitor hits their journal page. There is also something lovely about naming your blog a journal, as it hints that your posts are more of a flow of organic thoughts than content created purely for lead generation."

This is high praise indeed considering the scope and calibre of Webflow’s user network.

Bravedog Creative Director, Matt Rogers commented:

"'It's great when your work is acknowledged by industry professionals and more rewarding because we’d not submitted our work to Webflow for recognition, they chose it. We only learned of it through a recent spike in our analytics which is a little ironic."

“When I designed the site, I had complete creative freedom so it was an opportunity to express design in the way I believe it should be done. For us websites are all about user experience, interface and content working as one and design sits at the heart of that.

Take a look at the Journal on bravedog.co.uk and see if you agree with Webflow.

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