What Happens At Billy's, Stays At Billy's

By Tyler Ody - 5 February 2020

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Twelve wine, eight shot, and nine pint glasses and that’s just for Act One! When the booze is flowing, and the holiday spirit kicks in, strange things can happen.

Following the success of 2016’s Four Sunsets at Swindon Arts Centre, Billy’s, the second of Peter Hynds’ (Artistic Director of TS Theatre Productions) series, The Postcard Plays, is set to entertain audiences at the Old Town venue with the perfect Saturday night out this weekend.

Billy’s is the enthralling story of Martin and Luke, who fell in love six years ago on a holiday to Greece. Each year they return to the same hotel for one week to rekindle their romance, but there’s just one problem: their wives!

Peter Hynds, writer and director of Billy’s, said, “As a gay man myself, I always shied away from writing anything I considered ‘gay’, but this story came to me on a holiday in Greece in a hotel called Billy’s! And the rest is history.  I’m also taking up directing duties on this one, so for the first time in my career I will be directing my own words.

“Rehearsals have been a short and sweet affair, bringing together two local actors and two from Chesterfield, so, logistically, have been a bit of a challenge but ultimately worth it as the cast have brought so much life to these characters.”

A play that is about sun, sea and sand, love, loyalty and a holiday drink (or two!), ultimately Billy’s promises audiences a love story between two men, who know it is a love that can never be truly realised.

Billy’s will be premiering at Swindon Arts Centre, starring Emily Louise Baker, Richard Wilde, Heather Cowley and Steve Cowley, on Saturday 8 February at 7.30pm. Book tickets today at swindontheatres.co.uk or by calling the Ticket Office on 01793 524 481.

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