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1"    '                    No. 227  April 2001  Circulation 22.000

                                                                                      Skips in all sizes
                                                                                      delivered to your
                                                                                     home or workplace

                               tM hC V  w4 lt  , x1411 it kki, .    Ak. -
                                        _ J
                                                                                      Sand & gravel delivered
                  the positive newsforce in Swindon
                    and the swindon wide what's on guide

                                                                                     Jazzing around
        Celebrating                                                                  Swindon's second festival of
      21 years of the                            ,I         1        JM1Lp1          Jazz: 26 - 29 April. See page 29.
                                       t    ir                                       The Wiltshire Festival
    Prospect Hospice
                                                                                     More details of August's musical
                                                                                     extravaganza on page 23.

                                   Terry and Teresa Davies moved into their              There's a warm
                               new home on 14 March 1976 and West Swindon's              lcome from Mr All
                                   first baby, Janice, was born a month later            and his staff at
                                                                                         Purton s hidden
                                                                                         Indian treasure"

     Gillian Richardson invites
     you to help on page 36.
    Book now for a                                                                           Fully licenced
                                                                                        Tandoori & Balti Restaurant
      literary feast
                                                                                       6 High Street, Purton
                                                                                       Tel: 01793 770998/770253
                                                                                           Fax: 01793 770998
                                                                                      Free takeaway delivery
                                                                                      incl. West & North Swindon
                                                                                      Open: 7 days a week, 5.30pm to midnight
                                   — Meet grandparents Terry and Teresa                      (incl Bank Holidays)
     dG^                                                                              Thurs, Sat, Sun lunch: 12noon - 2.30pm
                                    with Janice and her 6ne year old, Amy,              The Maharalah     From
                                                                                       Free               W^ckyB
                                   as we celebrate a quarter of a century of           Oarking 7urton  Punon ROetl  Meeotls
        Details of May's          Swindon's expansion in the west on page 5             Lytliartl
                                                                                        Millicent  Pealmoor,  ^arcells
       Swindon Festival of                                                                       8 $flaw
    Literature - pages 37 - 39                                                              Westlea. Freshpro^. Grange Park. TOOlhill
    Better than ever, says festival
    director Matt Holland, above.  101
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                                                                              LJNTAIN BIKES
                                                                              HAN f15O N
                                                                               in store for details)
                                                                               AD SWINDON                  I c,

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