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I F1'                       No. 224 • January 2001 • Circulation 21,000

                                                                                         Skips in all sizes
                                                                                         delivered to your
                                                                                        home or workplace
                                                                                          Sand & gravel delivered
                                                                                               as required

                                                                                          Call Swindon 496703
          the positive newsforce in West and North Swindon
                     and the swindon wide what's on guide

                                                Swindon's bra walkers                       ^!

                                                take to the road again                    SW
                                                                                        Discover a course on
                                                               TM                           pages 29 - 32
                                                                      SWINDON S
                                                                                          There's a warm
                                                                                       welcome from Mr Ali
                                               Last year over 100 women raised over £30,000
                                              on an overnight walk through London. its time to  and his staff at
                                              train for Twin Peaks 2. They want to do better in  "Purton 's hidden
                                                       May. Join them on page 2.         Indian treasure"

    Will Swindon's              Farewell Mr Burke
    new hospital be
    big enough?
    Former West Swindon                                                                 Mc kc j a h
    GP Ian Matheson
    speaks out on page 4                                                                       Fully licenced
                                                                                         Tandoori & Balti Restaurant
    Who ever
    heard of the                                                                        6 High Street, Purton
                                                                                         Tel: 01793 770998/770253
    Adolf Hitler asked the
                                                                                             Fax: 01793 770998
    question, so why is
    history being rewritten                                                             Free takeaway delivery
    for the first National
                                                                                        Open: 7 days a week, 5.30pm to midnight
    Holocaust Day on 27                                                                        (Intl Bank Holidays)
    January? See page 5                                                                 Thurs, Sat, Sun lunch: 12noon - 2.30pm
                                                                                         The Maharajah      From
                                                                                        F ,   —             Haytlon
    Get fit with                                                                        pa in  PUr^On  Purton ROatl  WickB
    The Link
                                                                                         ytliartl          Parcells
    See our three page                                                                   Mi11—ra   Nn  Elms
                                                                                                   8 Sh \aw
    feature on where to
    fight the flab and how                                                                   Westlea, Freshbrook, Grange Park. Toothill
    to look good in 2001.  Shaw Ridge School said good-bye to their long serving head
    Pages 35 - 37                   at the end of term. Story on page 8.
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