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Fireworks displays in November                          Business backing
                                  Bonfi res & fi reworks at Lydiard Park & Old Town         needed for 2012
                                  and at primary schools - see page 3                     - see page 21

                                                      No. 354 November 2011  •  Circulation 27,000

                  on paper, online - the positive newsforce in Swindon

              Westlea don red, white                            11 - 11 - 11

                         and blue                          A Photographic Remembrance           MEADOWPARK
                                                                                                inspirational education
             Children at Westlea Primary, a school with many chil-  by Deborah Coleman          childcare with love
                                                                 Steam Museum
             dren and teachers involved with the services, marked   Monday 7 to Sunday 13 November
             the tenth anniversary of involvement in Afghanistan
             by supporting the ten for ten campaign. See page 14.
               Jack and Aaron Bradshaw with Abbie Humphries
                         and military mascot

                                                                                                      NURSERY Y
                                                                                                0 to 4 years at Meadowpark
                                                                                                  Calcutt Street, Cricklade

                                                     Swindon  based  photojournalist  and  documentary
                                                     photographer Deborah has been recording the re-
                                                     membrance services at the Cenotaph in Swindon and
                                                     also the repatriations through the town of Wootton   SCHOOLCHOOL
                                                     Bassett for several years.                     Independent school
                                                       The exhibition is an amalgamation of both projects,   for boys and girls
                                                                                                    aged 4 to 11 years
                                                     a poignant display of how people in Swindon and   Small classes, high standards
                                                     the wider community pay their respects to service   Highly experienced teachers
                                                     personnel who have fallen in the line of duty either
                  Talking science and discussing     in previous or in current confl ict situations.
                  restorative justice on page 23       The  exhibition  is  entitled  ‘11’  because  of  this   Tel: 01793 752600
                   All about walking on page 33      important year of remembrance, 11/11/11.
                                                     • We go to Royal Wootton Bassett on page 28

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