This gets our vote! Bradon Forest students put democracy in the spotlight

By Ben Fitzgerald - 6 January 2020


Bradon Forest School held a mock election process, that ran parallel with the UK general election. Students were first educated on the basics of a general election and the processes within the UK Parliamentary system.

They focused on the North Wiltshire constituency, looking at the policies of the political parties who were looking to win the seat in the election.

Students who volunteered to take part were set a weekend homework that included researching party manifestos and creating policy specific questions to ask to each of the candidates. We were delighted that all four of the North Wiltshire candidates visited the school and spoke with the same group of students.

Fruitful and rigorous political debates were held with each of the candidates that focused on a myriad of topics including the environment, economy and mental health to name a few. 

The week of the election saw our students conducting hustings in the canteen before voting took place. We were truly thankful to all the candidates for taking part as it enriched the education we give our students on the parliamentary process.

Assistant Headteacher Paul Dipple said: “The children have been brilliant, I’m so proud of them. All the candidates said they had visited sixth-form groups that were less impressive in terms of how well-prepared they were. If society is going to keep arguing that young people don’t care about politics, then education’s job is to help them get involved.”

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