Wadworth brewers have announced their partnership with independent distributor Conviviality, in the spirit of boosting Wadworth’s range of boozy goods.

This hopped up partnership will see Conviviality assume responsibility for Wadworth’s free trade business, with the aim of brewing big and branching out Wadworth’s 6X cask ale on a national scale.

The collaboration also mixes into Wadworth’s pub scene where Conviviality’s Bibendum brand will become the sole wine and spirits supplier to Wadworth. This will see a transformation of Wadworth’s wine and spirits selection, including more premium ranges to improve what’s currently on offer.

Mark Aylwin, Managing Director of Conviviality Direct, said: “This is exactly the kind of partnership we relish. Wadworth is a highly attractive partner for us with an ambitious team and great potential for growth. We’re excited to work together to realise that potential.”