Buying CBD In Swindon

By Staff Reporter - 13 February 2020


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 2 years, you will have heard about the rush to buy CBD oils, vapes and capsules from large parts of the UK’s population. Swindon has not been ignorant of the “rush” for Cannabidiol based products.

The popularity of vaping has crossed over quickly around swindon with the CBD universe with many people choosing to vape their CBD alongside other products like capsules or tinctures.





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It has been estimated that the CBD Oil economy is worth around £3 million a year, currently, with projections estimating that could grow by 3-5 times by 2025! The market is huge, it is legal and it is growing fast.

We got in touch with our friends over at, a company that leads the market in premium quality, Full Spectrum CBD oils, vapes and capsule products, to ask what Swindon customers need to be aware of if they are looking to get on board the “CBD train”.

We have listed the advice below:

- Buy only from suppliers who are members of a trusted Trade Association. Cannapro-UK are a highly recommended Trade Association that are major players on the CBD scene in terms of ensuring high quality products as well as products that are legitimate and contain what they claim.

- Beware the different oil types. True Full Spectrum oils/products are not Distillates or Isolates. True Full Spectrum Oils contain a FULL range of Cannabinoids as well as Terpenes and Flavonoids.

- Start slowly dosage wise. Also with a CBD strength that is low. For example if you have never taken CBD before then small amounts, (1 droplet 3 times a day for example), and a weaker strength oil, (600 mg in a 10 ml tincture for example), would be a wise start. Build up the dosage over the weeks you are taking the oil, vape or capsule products.

- Cheaper prices are not necessarily a good thing.There are suppliers who import products from all over the world, selling for very low prices. Often the products have little to no CBD/cannabinoids in them. For the highest quality Oils and best results, you need to be spending about £4-5 per 100 mg of CBD in the product you are buying. Again making sure that is for True Full Spectrum oil and not just expensive low quality products.

- Make sure you are able to see lab reports that show the actual percentages of Cannabinoids in the products you are buying. You should get them emailed to you on request.

- The most effective ways to take CBD are as follows. Tincture, Capsule and vape, (vaping should really be classed as a novelty as you exhale much of the CBD oil, but it has a very high Bio Absorption rate as CBD is inhaled into the lungs). Creams, bath bombs etc are more novelty than practical and are often only containing low quality Isolate oils. Teas and coffees also offer a reasonable bio absorption, though up to 35% of the overall value may be lost due to being digested without the slow process a capsule would offer.

Swindon Consumers Just Need To use Common Sense When Buying
If you think you are being “ripped off” don’t hesitate to inform trading standards. You can also get in touch with trade associations like cannapro-UK who will happily investigate any sellers not complying with regulations, or who are supplying sub par quality CBD oils or products. The market for Cannabidiol products is only going to grow in Swindon. That is great for consumers, just remember to use a little common sense when you are buying products. If it sounds like it is too cheap or good to be true, then it very likely will be.


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