Cyber Security 101 for New Businesses

By Jamie Hill - 2 August 2019

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As well as a business plan and a strong desire to succeed, all new businesses should be investing in cybersecurity. Protecting your online information and shielding your computer infrastructure from hackers will help to secure your business’ integrity. As you may have seen from companies that have experienced large-scale data-losses, having your data security compromised can affect a business’ reputation. It’s for this reason that a new business should invest in prevention as well as immediate factors.

Multi-step verification

If you have an online area that contains high-volumes of sensitive information, then you will want high-security processes in place to prevent intruders for easily accessing it. Those who are entitled to access it should have to go through a rigorous process to confirm who they are. Two-step or potentially even multi-step authentication ensures that your computer is absolutely certain about who is accessing the information.


When it comes to software in your business, you must practice good security measures. While software creators do often develop it to counteract cyber-criminals, you should take your safety for granted. If you’re wondering how to do that, here are two basic aspects to consider:

  • Only download reliable software. Viruses, spyware, and Trojans often jump on the back of dodgy downloads. If your software does not originate from an official source –do not download it!
  • Updates: in order to fend of cyber-attackers who are looking for a window of opportunity, make sure your software is regularly updated. Software companies update their software to counteract new and improved data-theft methods, and so you should update it when your computer asks you to, in order to maximize your online safety.

Cloud security

Gone are the days when we relied on simple physical hardware to contain all of our backup information. Cloud technology has allowed us to save more information much more efficiently. While this may seem like a virtual, safe realm that cannot be accessed by intruders – sadly it still can. Installing cloud security protection is one of the best ways of preventing this from happening. Experienced security providers, which can be found online at resourced such as provide extensive measures to block cybercriminals from accessing your information.

Don’t be complacent

The best mindset to rid yourself of when it comes to cybersecurity is that it will never happen to you. By being complacent, you are more inclined to be less thorough with your cybersecurity strategy, and not implement precautions that could save you time and money. Remember: if you have resources, sensitive information, and money, you are susceptible to an attack.

As well as these methods, your new business should ideally have either an IT professional on its team, or have an IT support service that can help. Information technology is the backbone of most new businesses, and for it to go awry can be incredibly costly. In order to save your new business time and money, it’s wise to make sure you have the right security measures in place.

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