Le Wagon's Data Science Webinar Reminds Businesses of the Power of Information

By Staff Reporter - 5 November 2020

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  • Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

    Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

We involve technology in many aspects of our lives, making things easier but also more complicated. Troubleshooting or innovating in the digital world demands certain skills that, fortunately, some people specialise in to take the weight off our shoulders.

  • Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

    Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Katherine James is a data scientist leading Royal Mail’s tech department and in her webinar from Le Wagon London, she explains how it all works. The importance of information in digital technology is something to consider at length, especially when it comes to managing and improving businesses.

About the Online Event

The webinar’s title, Using Data Science to Create the Best User Experience, reveals much about the discussion. Essentially, Katherine James elaborates on the part she plays in making people happier when using technology. This is part of Le Wagon’s talks featuring impressive people in tech. Furthermore, since the events are online, anyone with an internet connection can book and join the conversations.

Katherine James studied data science both in the UK and Japan. Before working for Royal Mail, she joined British Airways and designed for them a recommender system to better personalise emails to customers. Now, she manages a department of 20 people, all focused on analysing the postal service’s data and enhancing its performance.

Such upgrades in productivity and capabilities happen by predicting patterns and making sure Royal Mail’s digital programmes are as helpful as possible. Whether they involve planning routes, distributing work, helping customers, or other key responsibilities.

Considering the amount of data both Royal Mail and British Airways would be accumulating, a brain like Katherine’s is invaluable in sifting through the information to spot problems and tweak services for the better. Listening to what wisdom this expert has to offer is great experience for anyone wanting to pursue data science or simply learn how the field can improve their business.

What is Data Science?

As already suggested, data science has to do with analysing information, a smart practice. Whether you run a website or full enterprise, a lot of forethought goes into keeping it alive and interesting to its audiences. But, instead of depending on gut instincts, studying the figures of the business and market as a whole can lead to far more informed decisions.

Organisations today invest heavily in data science for its convenience and insight, as well as the rewards that follow. As a result, the industry keeps producing great minds like Katherine James alongside forward-thinking software, which aims to make the lives of scientists themselves easier.

Automation, for example, is a hot topic among several areas that shape the growing effectiveness of the science. Just cleaning and organising the data during its preparation can take up 60% of your time, so getting a programme like Sisense to speed up the process boosts productivity and moods. Cloud computing, security, and natural language processing are other popular areas in data science.

Ways Data Science Helps Businesses

If this science benefits airlines and postal services, it can do much for many other industries. At the end of the day, a strong data management department is a game-changer for any business with a digital presence. Think of Netflix, for example. It delivers but also produces movies and TV shows, so, in order to decide whether or not to keep investing in certain projects, it explores each one’s viewership versus its cost.

So, when a trend proves less profitable or more costly than expected, simply watching consumer patterns means you can intervene quickly and change direction. Interestingly, data science also has a hand in identifying fashions as they come down to how much people engage with a given topic, something which mostly takes place online now. And knowing what customers want helps businesses offer the right products.

This can include anything from clothes and cooking appliances to gambling entertainment. Even such a niche sector relies on data analysis to understand players’ needs. Then review platforms can list the best online gambling sites for different interests. Whether you look for the highest overall ratings or something specific like return to player percentages, you can find a range of quality providers laid out and ready to browse.

Le Wagon London brings yet another great opportunity for techies to learn more about their industry. Katherine James and her webinar on the benefits of data science in user experience, reinforce just how handy and versatile such skills can be. Businesses across various industries in the UK and beyond can already vouch for the difference a few reliable data analysts or dedicated software make to their decision-making. Put simply, data science equals a confident strategy.

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