Partnerships with DMCs strengthen Venues and Events Internationals’ proposition to clients

By Jamie Hill - 12 November 2018


On Thursday 8 November, Venues and Events International held their inaugural ‘Independent Hotel and DMC Showcase’ with bespoke venues and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) at Swindon Town Football Club.

  • Anita Lowe

    Anita Lowe

This showcase was an opportunity for preferred partners to understand the direction of Venues and Events International and how they can continue to work together to improve the service offering to their clients.

DMCs play an integral role in supporting agencies in managing events overseas. Their inside knowledge provides a huge benefit when proposing destination choices for meetings and events and their expertise in delivering events adds value to the overall service delivery. Having someone to support local language translation or manage potential custom issues provides additional reassurance to the client.

Gill Moulden from Moulden Marketing, who attended the showcase, believes that: “Venues and Events International and the Moulden Marketing work hand in hand to provide the corporate client with a professional, and safe, delivery of any meeting conference and event. Agency services are enhanced by the ‘partnership’ they establish with the DMC, so they in effect become an extension to their team. We believe we add value to the partnership with our inside knowledge on destinations, and that no matter how much planning goes into an event, we’ll always have a Plan B and work in our contingencies, using our own connections.”

James Dowson from DMC Advantage has worked with Venues and Events Internationals’ CEO, Anita Lowe, for over 12 years across various roles within the industry. Four years ago, their paths crossed again when Anita, who had recently set up Venues and Events International, was looking for new partnerships to strengthen her proposition and support with the business development of the company.

Attending the DMC Showcase on Thursday, James commented: “My relationship with Anita has spanned the different companies we have both worked for. It’s not just a business relationship; it’s a personal relationship. Having only just started my own business at the same time as Anita starting hers, the trust that had developed over the years meant we could go on this journey together.

“As a partnership we don’t just go through a process. We take the time to understand the end client and their key objectives. We work together with the team to develop a creative pitch where there’s a synergy of understanding the client needs and the experience of working with specific industry sectors in key destinations. I believe that by working together and by continuing to build upon our own relationships, we can add true value to the overall proposition.”

Anita Lowe, CEO for Venues and Events International has always believed in building upon relationships for the better of the client: “The meetings and events industry is such a close community that although we may move around in different roles, our knowledge and experience is always developing as we take these relationships with us. Holding showcase days such as our Independent Venue and DMC Showcase, allows for my team to broaden their knowledge of what’s happening within the industry and how they can work together with our partners for the benefit of the client.

A website or global onsite sales person will never tell you the location of a hotel may be the ‘wrong side of town’; or the rooms the wrong side of the building; or has a management or staffing problem; they’ll tell us what we want to hear. By having a trusted relationship with someone who represents the country will give you honesty and credible recommendations, allowing us to believe in what we will be able to deliver for our clients will be of excellence.”

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