easyStorage supports frontline staff and members of the community with Fresh Food for the Frontline initiative

By Kieran Hadfield - 14 September 2020


easyStorage announce their extreme pride in having supported frontline workers and the vulnerable through the pandemic by taking part in a Fresh Food for the Frontline project. When key workers were overwhelmed and didn’t have time to buy fresh food, they were provided with a week’s supply of healthy produce delivered to their doors including fruit, vegetables, bread, milk and eggs.

The project, which began in March and ran to the end of July, was co-founded by Tim Slesinger, Mark Hamilford and Rev. Andy Buckler of St Barnabas Church, Kensington. A total of 3,345 weekly shops were distributed across London, Slough and Swindon during the five month project and were delivered with the help of volunteers and a fleet of 12 easyStorage vehicles which were repurposed from its mobile storage network.


easyStorage staff contributed 512 hours to the project which benefitted four hospitals, five care-homes and the vulnerable in society. Due to the unique design of easyStorage vans, which feature three compartments to house its bespoke storage easyPods, the vans were well placed to be able to transport up to 200 boxes at a time.


While the project has concluded for now, the company has kept everything in place should frontline workers become overwhelmed by a second wave of COVID-19 and are ready to re-start if demand returns.


Tim Slesinger, CEO and co-founder of easyStorage and trustee of the project commented: “We felt it was only right to support our frontline heroes and to keep them healthy by providing fresh fruit and vegetables. We hope that even if there is a second wave that healthcare providers and care-homes are equipped to deal with it, however we are prepared to re-start the effort and roll it out national through the easyStorage network.”


Mark Hamilford, co-founder of Fresh Food for the Frontline, added: “This project was a unique concept in the fact that it helped frontline workers have natural healthy ingredients to cook at home for themselves and their families. The response we received was heartening, not just from the individual recipients but also the hospitals themselves.


"Our wonderful donors also facilitated us to fund weekly home delivery of our food boxes to hundreds of vulnerable families in our community, again making a huge impact on their quality of life during the lockdown period. All of this couldn't have been possible without the incredible support of our project partners; St Barnabas Church and their tireless volunteers, and easyStorage who managed all collections and deliveries, who together made up the Fresh Food for the Frontline team.”

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