FRESH SEA AIR on sale for £10 a bottle as public demand for seaside escapes soars

By Jamie Hill - 1 April 2021


After months stuck indoors, those longing for a holiday and an exhilarating breath of fresh, sea air can now purchase their very own 300ml of pure island air, bottled directly from source on the Isle of Arran.

The remote Scottish island, which receives around 750,000 overnight visitors every year, is home to ARRAN Sense of Scotland, the body and home care brand behind the new product. It has reported that its customers are missing the Isle of Arran so much, that they have started to bottle and sell the air until travel restrictions are lifted.

Launched by popular demand, the all-new product contains 100% pure, organic oxygen, with notes of sea salt and mountain mist. It’s the perfect gift for those who are in need of a moment of serenity and tranquillity. 

Available to buy for just £10 per bottle from’t forget to scroll down for some exclusive offers).

Andrew Russell, Sales & Marketing Director for ARRAN Sense of Scotland said: “In normal times, people will visit the Isle of Arran and say they’ve never felt so relaxed and peaceful. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard visitors say we should bottle the air here. So, now we have! 

“The Isle of Arran is renowned for its breath-taking views and the freshest of sea air -our customers are missing that and the island would usually be brimming with tourists right now; they know the Arran air is special and have been missing the rejuvenation they feel when visiting our magical island. We also know that fragrance is a strong provoker of memory, this is our way of bringing a little piece of Arran to them until they can come back and visit once more. 

Andrew continued, “This eagerly awaited product provides lots of benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Our bottled Sea Air is 100% pure oxygen, which can be used sparingly or all at once to help you to relax, de-stress and breathe some excitement back into your everyday routine.”

And it doesn’t stop there, as Andrew outlines future plans should sales of the new product go as predicted:

“If this product takes off, we’re thinking of expanding the range to take special requests - bottling the air from people’s favourite places on the island. We’ve also had demand for bottled Arran rain which is thought to have anti-ageing properties.”

The company is launching the product on 1st April 2021, visitors to the product page can also find an exclusive offer across the entire product range.  

Visit to buy.

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