New Swindon venture aims to support elderly and vulnerable

By Jamie Hill - 11 June 2024


Every year, more than £5 billion is unclaimed in attendance allowance across the UK – money that would make a real difference to older and vulnerable people.

Now, one man is on a mission to ensure those living in the Swindon area receive their full entitlement of attendance allowance and other benefits, with the help of his new business.

Chris Humphrey, from Wroughton, has set up a Swindon division of Grey Matters Consultancy, a national franchise which supports older and vulnerable people, guiding them in applying for benefits such as attendance allowance, pension credits, personal independence payments and disability allowance.

The new business marks a complete career change for Chris, who spent 20 years with Intel, in a range of areas including finance, IT and marketing, and has recently been working in consultancy.

But it was the experience of supporting his elderly parents, that inspired Chris to make the switch.

“My dad is 87 and has Alzheimer’s, and my mum, who is 12 years younger, is his full-time carer but has her own health problems,” said Chris who is married to Gemma, and has two children Joe, 16, and Beth, 13.

“I was told about Grey Matters Consultancy. Dad was in a lower rate of attendance allowance, but we thought he could qualify for the higher rate. It was Grey Matters who said that mum could be entitled to attendance allowance as well. I was so impressed with they explained it all and made it so easy. My parents are both now on the higher rate of attendance allowance which is worth over £11,000 a year to them.”

Now through Grey Matters in Swindon, Chris helps people who may not know what they are entitled to and guides them through the complicated paperwork.

For one of Chris’s first clients, he managed to help them successfully claim attendance allowance, worth almost £6,000 a year.

Grey Matters Swindon covers the town centre and wider area south of the M4, including Royal Wootton Bassett, Wroughton, Chiseldon and Marlborough.

Chris said: “Through my parents’ experience I realised how hard it is to get help, it is a real minefield. We are helping people who may not know they can claim for these benefits, or who may not understand or be able to complete the complicated online paperwork themselves.

“We are also helping the children of elderly and vulnerable people, who want to help their parents, but are unable to as it is so time-consuming and complicated - which is exactly what I and my two brothers found.”

“I am passionate about helping older and vulnerable people in our community and making a real, tangible difference to people’s lives.”

As well as helping with benefits claims, Chris has a Lasting Power of Attorney service, helping people complete LPAs – which nominate an attorney to manage a person’s affairs if they become incapacitated – and Blue Badge applications.

Caroline Romero, who founded Grey Matters Consultancy, said Chris would make a great success of the Swindon division.

"At Grey Matters Consultancy, we are dedicated to ensuring that older and vulnerable individuals receive the benefits they are entitled to. With Chris Humphrey at the helm of our new Swindon franchise, I am confident that his personal experience and professional background will be instrumental in making a significant impact.

“Chris's commitment to guiding people through the often complex process of claiming attendance allowance and other vital benefits reflects our core mission of empowering families with the support they need. We are excited to see the positive changes he will bring to the Swindon community.”

To get in touch with Chris, email [email protected] or call 07825 316502. For more about Grey Matters Consultancy, visit

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