Swindon Named As Fifth Hardest Working Region In UK: What This Means For Your Business

By Swindon Link - 8 June 2023

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Swindon is one of the top regions in the UK for hard work and productivity. Click here to find out how your business should account for this.

  • Photo by Peter Albanese on Unsplash

    Photo by Peter Albanese on Unsplash

New data has been made available that lists Swindon as the fifth hardest-working region in the UK. This is based on a number of different factors, including productivity levels, employment rates, average work hours and overtime.

According to the data, the only areas in the UK that rank above Swindon are Lichfield, Solihull, Basildon, and Slough, which received first place.

If you have started a small business but have not yet chosen a location hub, then this data offers a range of useful insights.

Of course, there’s the obvious: hard work leads to better results. But having hard-working employees is just one factor in the growth of a business.

Similarly, just because you have hard-working employees, that does not necessarily mean your company is going to meet its full potential.

So what does this data really tell you, and does it prove Swindon is the perfect destination for start-up companies in 2023?

First Off, The Good

Let’s start with the positive side of this data because Swindon being named the fifth hardest-working town is obviously something to be celebrated. It means that – if you were to choose Swindon as your base – not only would you have a determined, efficient team pushing forward your business, but the positivity around that team would undoubtedly filter down into your customers.

For B2B, especially, this is the most important thing. B2B success is all about building relationships and creating reliable and effective programmes to incentivise customer loyalty – click here for examples --  but employees play a big role in this. If your employees are hard-working and productive, then there’s a greater chance of relationships being maintained and customers feeling confident in the business as a whole. 

But Hard Work Can Be A Blessing And A Curse

Hard work, however, is not always a good thing. Looking back at the data, one of the factors that were taken into account was overtime and average work hours, but these can sometimes be detrimental to a business’s overall performance.

There is such a thing as working too hard. In the UK alone, recent statistics showed that reports of worker burnout have increased by 48% to record levels. With the cost-of-living crisis ongoing, employee burnout is on the rise worldwide, with people doing more work to earn more money while sacrificing their mental health in the process.

What You Should Do

This doesn’t have to be a problem, however, so long as you have effective management skills and a work environment that is safe and nurturing. When it comes to choosing Swindon as a hub for your business, it’s important to be aware of this data but not take advantage of it.

Remember, customers will also be able to tell when a work environment is unhealthy, and the employee churn rate will only lower your overall reputation. For this reason, it is essential that you create a space that is balanced and harbours your employees sensibly and productively. Only then will your company feel the positive effects of a strong and healthy Swindon workforce.


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