Local care provision service bridges gap between isolation and full-time paid care

By Jessica Durston - 17 January 2023


Local care service provider Helping Old Friends says its services could be useful to those in more constant need of a helping hand, or those who need extra support when leaving hospital.

The Helping Old Friends (HOF) team say they acknowledge that the NHS have been hitting the news for several reasons in the last few months - not least of all for the challenges they face getting patients home to free up bed space for new incoming patients.

Additionally, the HOF team say the Social services are experiencing equal challenges finding suitable care for those who need care once they are home.

Helping Old Friends is described as the perfect bridge between isolation and full-time, around-the-clock care, and wants to offer its help to those who could benefit from it.

A spokesperson from HOF said: "Sometimes after an operation on a knee or a hip all you need is for someone to do those little tasks around the house that you were able to do but no longer can. You know you will get back on your feet, but you could do with an extra pair of hands for a bit - we can do that.

"Please do give us a call if you have a loved one stuck in hospital and if we’re able to help or steer you in the right direction to get the appropriate help we will.

"For those who worry about your parents and are unable to keep an eye on them from a distance, we are more than happy to provide them with the level of companionship you both decide upon to maintain peace of mind that all is OK. We can even feed back information to you on a regular basis so you are kept up to date."

Helping Old Friends Ltd prides itself upon being able to help in the provision of companionship and home-help when and where individuals need it.

Those interested in further information can visit www.helpingoldfriends.co.uk or call Katrina on 01793 550 895, or Lauren on 01285 701 801.

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