How to create a brochure for your startup

By Jamie Hill - 10 June 2019

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Marketing materials can really bring in crowds and help build a loyal customer base. For startups just finding their feet, a brochure can help them find the business partners and suppliers that they need, or just inform the public on what their innovative new product can do. Brochures do so much more than a business card can, and can be brought home, unlike big posters.

For startups, brochures are a secret weapon, but the effectiveness of this weapon only comes to fruition when it is designed well.

How to Create a Great Brochure Design

Colour Theory and Design

Society has created certain associations, and these associations are very powerful tools to use in design. Reds are passionate and bold, blues and greens are calming and environmental, and so on. By using simple colour theory, you can help give an impression about your business without using a single word.

Using Images and Illustrations

Illustrations can help sell your brand just as well as images. The issue here is that what makes up a good image is entirely subjective to your brand. You need to create visuals that work with your company. A business that creates at-home help tools for children can use more fun, hand-drawn illustrations, but a business that deals with tech will want to use professional and often minimalistic imagery and illustration.

Tip: Illustrations can be exceptionally powerful if they are a PNG file, meaning that they can be laid on top of text and be used to connect aspects of your brochure. This will create a flowing, organic feel to the experience.

Format and the Power of White Space

Having the colour pallete and a series of images and illustrations that you want is the start. You will next have to figure out how you can put the colours, images, illustrations, and of course, content onto a very small space without feeling overcrowded.

It can be very difficult to create a compelling brochure design, which is why using an integrated agency that delivers creative, effective design for you like Liquorice is a great step in the right direction. Your brochure can help encourage sales or help you find the right business partners, suppliers, or stockists. It needs to be eye-catching. It needs to be informative. It needs to convert.

How to Add Great Content for Your Brochure

You will need to find the shortest, most concise way to explain your company. Though brochures have more space to explain themselves than a small poster would, you don’t want to overdo it with text. You also don’t want to use a wall of text.

Split it up, use pull quotes and lists, and above all make it as concise as possible.

Make it Interactive

You make brochures interactive by adding easy links or share features. Have your social media handles available on the brochure and follow up with informative information and beautiful images online. You could also include a bar code that allows people to scan to bring them to a special deal, and so on.

The point is to not just inform those you give your brochure to about your company, but to encourage action.

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