Instagram growth guide for business owners

By Swindon Link - 13 September 2021

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Businesses have a great opportunity in marketing these days, as social media is considered one of the biggest industries for people to tap into in order to grow an audience. There is a large pool of people who trust social media these days and rely on it to find the right products to use for their day-to-day engagements. Instagram is changing the way we do advertising and in the grand scheme of things, it is allowing businesses to accelerate their growth when it comes to their sales numbers and overall reach.

The greatest thing about social media marketing is that advertising is more informal now and the values of marketing have drastically changed with regards to the fact that people want more authenticity and communication with brands. It’s also important to understand how massively popular Instagram is, with millions of users logging in to the platform daily. We will be providing you with a lot more tips and tricks on how to do well on Instagram as a business.

Keep followers engaged

It’s very important that you keep your followers engaged on Instagram and in terms of engagement, it is an important metric that Instagram uses to determine whether or not your content should be pushed out to more followers or not. This, eventually, leads to more followers. But it is not a very easy thing to do, so you can do yourself a favor and use a growth service like Growthoid, which will do all the work for you, i.e. will grow your Instagram followers in no time without you having to think of strategies to attract the audience.

Back to what engagement means, you need to make sure that your followers are engaging on your posts because how this works on IG, is that by commenting, liking, and sharing your posts on IG, your post is shared to a wider audience which is a good indicator for Instagram. The benefit of doing this, aside from it providing you with reach, is that it allows people to find your page a lot easier.

Always use hashtags

In terms of what hashtags are, they are words and/or phrases that are placed behind the hashtag symbol in the caption of a post. In terms of how they work, they allow you to see posts that are similar to the phrase or word of the hashtag, and they are used to allow people to find various kinds of posts a lot easier. There is a variety of hashtags, and in terms of which hashtags work well for businesses, it’s all dependent on what niche or market you fall under. The reason why this is beneficial is that it allows you to have direct marketing which can even be generated into sales.

Time your posts

One thing that you should consider as a business owner is timing your posts, which is essentially making sure you post content at a specific time on specific days and doing so in advance. There are several apps that can help you do this and the great part is that you can use Instagram to help you determine which are the best days for you to post.

Live stream

Live streaming is another great feature that allows you to connect with your audience and we need to talk about IG Live, if we are discussing ways for you to grow as a company. In terms of examples of different types of content that you can do on live stream, there are question and answer lives and even just showing the behind the scenes of a product lineup. You can engage with people on IG live and the great part is that you do it in real-time.

Vary your content

So, with regards to the kind of content you can post on Instagram as a business, there are tutorials that show your product and how to use it step by step, there are quotes that inspire people or they can even be comedic, there are employee stories,  testimonials from customers who have used your brand, unboxings, and so much more. They really help you to grow on Instagram as a brand and provide you with the insight you need to grow your platform on a daily basis.

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