Signs That You Might Need to Automate Your Packaging Line

By Swindon Link - 12 October 2021

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Do you have a packaging line that is slowing down your production? If so, it might be time to automate. Most businesses are aware of the benefits of automation, but they don't realize how quickly these benefits can add up. In this blog post, we will talk about signs that indicate when it's time to make the switch from manual to automated packaging with custom machinery solutions for better productivity and efficiency!

Your Employees Are Overworked

One of the most obvious signs that you might need to automate your packaging line is if your employees simply aren't able to keep up with the demand. This often happens when there's a busy season, and companies try doing everything manually because it can be hard to find enough workers who know how to use custom machinery. While this works well in the short term, over time productivity will fall as more and more shifts go unfinished due to worker exhaustion.

As an example, let's say that during one week every month (like December), your company ships 100 units per day for each employee on their best shift instead of their worst shift because holiday shopping demands it. That means all together 400 units get shipped daily; but after a month, the total number of units that were shipped is about 3600. This means that your employees are still behind because they're only able to ship an average of 100 per day instead of 400! This cartoning machinery could be a solution for better productivity and efficiency during busy seasons. The machines can keep up with demand without overworking employees. Operating 24 hours a day seven days a week it would allow them all enough time to take care of other aspects of their job!

Your Company Is Growing

Another important sign that might indicate you need to automate your packaging line is growth. If a company's revenue has been steadily increasing, they will soon have more products and larger orders coming in through their door every day. And when this happens it often means the workforce must grow as well! Let's say for example that an office supplies company starts producing more of their goods rather than importing them from China, then they'll be required to hire additional workers who know how to use custom machinery solutions like these. In addition, if there are opportunities for increased production in general (like during busy seasons), automation can help companies keep up with demand while still having enough employees leftover instead of forcing everyone into overtime work or hiring extra hands.

As mentioned in the section about overworked employees, automation can be a solution for better productivity and efficiency during busy seasons. It won't make your workforce grow because it's fully capable of handling demand without having to hire more people or put everyone on an exhausting schedule!

Your Employees Are Getting Injured

One of the most serious signs that you might need to automate your packaging line is if there has been a rise in worker injuries. If employees have been seriously hurt or even killed on the job, then it could be because they're working with custom machinery without enough training and safety precautions. There's no way for them to learn how to use these machines properly unless someone sits down with them one-on-one and shows them what to do! Workers should never feel uncomfortable asking questions or taking breaks when they don't understand something about their work environment, but unfortunately, this fear often prevents people from speaking up at all causing many unnecessary accidents along the way. Furthermore, small mistakes made around industrial equipment can quickly turn into major injuries that put workers out of commission for weeks or months!

The best way to avoid this problem is through proper training and safety precautions such as the use of custom machinery. Once employees know how to properly operate these machines, injuries will be a thing of the past because they'll all have enough knowledge about what's going on around them at any given time to stay safe. This means less downtime for injured workers and more productivity overall!

Your Company Is Expanding Into New Areas of Business

Another reason that you might need to automate your packaging line is if your company has been expanding and diversifying its services. For example, an office supplies store starts offering custom printing services on top of supplying people with what they need for their homes and offices; then it's time to start looking at automation solutions like these . Offering new types of products and additional services will require more employees than before who are capable of running the machines needed for production! If not, there could be a breakdown in productivity which can lead to lost revenue opportunities or even lawsuits from customers who never received the items they paid for.

There are New Government Regulations

Lastly, you might need to automate your packaging line if there have been new government regulations put in place for the industry that your company operates. For example, let's say that a store which used to sell toys and household goods now needs highly-trained employees who can work with custom machinery like this. It could be because they're selling food products (which is federally regulated) or it could just be due to stricter health & safety policies being enforced by local governments! Either way, these changes will have an impact on how many workers are needed for production as well as what types of skills those people should have. If not enough training is provided, then businesses can suffer from legal troubles with product recalls which often lead to lost revenue.

It's always better to be safe than sorry, so if any of these signs seem familiar it might be time for you to consider automation in your packaging line! It won't solve all of your problems but could help resolve some big issues that are impacting productivity and efficiency during busy seasons or throughout the year when new services and products need to be developed.


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