A Perfect Guide For Anyone Working In Property Development

By Swindon Link - 28 June 2021

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In many countries, the housing market is where you want to play. With an ever-increasing population, houses and flats become scarce which drives their prices up. This makes it pretty easy to sell homes as a property developer but you don’t want to be doing it just for the money. You are also providing people with a place to call home and there should be a certain satisfaction in delivering that to those in need. This article will provide you with a perfect guide for anyone working in property development.


How To Get A Loan


One of the biggest challenges in property development is getting the money to build the properties. Home-building is incredibly expensive and there are so many things that can add to the costs down the line. Unless you have a few tens of millions in the bank, you’re probably going to need a loan. You can click here to find out more about how much you can borrow, but loosely loans are based on the gross value of the homes you are building. These loans are then repaid after you sell the flats. As long as you remain on schedule you should be able to walk away with a tidy profit. 

Find The Right Property


Finding the right area is crucial to the property development game. You might have the best idea for the type of flats you want to build but if you can’t find somewhere appropriate to build them then you’ll have a hard time selling them. You need to be able to adapt to what lots are available and find out what people in that area want. Keep your eyes peeled for untapped areas and where might be the next place that begins to be redeveloped. If you can get in there early you might be able to nab a bargain and clean up when they’re finished and the area is more desirable than it was originally. Getting your hands on a good plot of land is vital for your property development plan. 

Get A Great Builder


If you are just starting out in the property development business then you will want to build relationships with quality builders. This is important for several reasons. The main one is your reputation. Word gets around fast and if your property developments get a bad name for cutting corners and not being built very well then it will be hard to lose that stink. Also, they will inevitably make your builds more efficient and less likely to have unexpected costs. Experienced builders will know what to expect and quote you accordingly. Building these relationships early is important for your reputation as a property developer. 


Target Your Market


Targeting your market is crucial for success in property development. This involves knowing the area that you are looking to build in and understand the types of people who would like to live there. If there is a budding creative scene then promote that, make it visible that you are supporting creatives with your development, rather than pushing them out. If you believe that this will be a place for young couples to start families and settle down then market towards those types of people. If you don’t sell the flats appropriately then your target market won’t believe that that development would suit them. Knowing how to target your market is vital for property development. 

Make Your Development Unique


In some places, there are many competing property developers. Although you may not have to struggle too much to actually sell your flats you want to make sure that your developments are highly desirable. By having a unique selling point for each of your developments, that can’t be offered by any other local developer, you should be a shoo-in for success. These USPs will drive up the demand for your properties and in turn, increase the price. This can only be a good thing for you as a developer so make sure you spend some time making your development unique. 

Start Small


There is a lot of money to be made in property development but you must start small. It could be tempting to try and build a huge apartment block as your first go but it would be wise to wait for a little. Try to find a smaller plot where you can focus on getting a couple of apartments right. This will be something of a proving ground or a trial run to see what things you need to iron out within your company before moving on to bigger jobs. It can also be a way of testing your budgets, if you are trying to build a huge complex that ends up being 20% over budget, you might suddenly find yourself needing another 10 million dollars. If the development is smaller, and you run over budget, you may only need a few hundred thousand. Start small but don’t lose sight of your big dream

Know Everyone You Work With


Building and developing properties involve an enormous amount of people. You may end up in charge of a few hundred different workers in many different fields of expertise. As the property developer, you should make sure that you know every single person on that team. You should be in constant contact with everybody, from the construction workers to the architects to the estate agents. If they know who you are and you can share your vision with them, then they will be able to realize it. Knowing everyone you work with is so important as a property developer. 

Develop Your Property Development


Being able to build new homes for people who need them is the most rewarding part of being a property developer. Asides from the profits, knowing that you are making somebody’s quality of living better should be a serious motivator. There are various things you need to be thinking about when planning your next project and this article has hopefully alluded to the most important ones. Remember to pace yourself, property development is a marathon, not a sprint. 


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