Are robo investment platforms any good?

By Swindon Link - 9 July 2021

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From digital currencies like Bitcoin to stocks and Forex, there are a whole range of assets Swindon residents can invest in now. The digital transformation around investing has opened trading in assets like these up to everyone. As long as you have an internet connection, a small amount of starting capital and a device to trade from, you can get involved.

For many people around the UK, this ease of access makes online trading very appealing. Many looking to make some extra cash in their spare time love the flexibility of online trading – in fact, it is often listed among the best side hustles to try. Some people will even turn to trading full-time!

If you plan to start, one thing you must get to grips with is which trading platform to use. Using an online trading platform is a must as it enables you to place trades, close them off and manage your portfolio. Robo investment platforms are one type to consider – but are they worth it?

What are robotic investment platforms?

Before we delve into whether people around Swindon should think about using these platforms, it is worth pinning down what they are. After all, you must know what you are doing before diving into any new venture. As you would read a guide to property development before making an investment, you should understand more about robo trading before using it.

In simple terms, these platforms offer robotic trading tools for traders to use. These tools essentially automate the trading process for you and place/close trades on your behalf. While it comes down to personal preference, there is a lot to recommend platforms which offer tools like this.

But what benefits do robo trading platforms come with?

Saves you time and missed opportunities

Platforms which offer robo trading tools undoubtedly save you lots of time. Rather than having to spend hours scanning multiple markets for trading opportunities manually, the robo trading tool will do it for you. While this might not sound that big a deal, it will not only cut back on spending time scanning trading charts but will also make it much easier to fit trading into your schedule. This is an especially key point for those who might not have lots of spare time to commit to trading. By trading in this way, you not only find a way to fit trading into your busy life but also never miss opportunities to make money.

Enables emotion-free trading

If you are trading on a market like cryptocurrency, emotions can cloud your judgement and make it hard to implement your strategy. This is bad news for traders in Swindon and can really hit your overall profits. It is all too easy to rush back into the market after a losing trade for example – even if there is not really a suitable trade available.

Many traders also find simply sticking to their pre-planned strategy difficult. This might see them forget a key step for example or be tempted to tweak how they apply it each time. Robo trading platforms and tools help to take human emotion out of the equation. By doing this, they prevent emotions from messing up your trading strategy and ensure it is applied perfectly every time.

Simplifies trading

Although trading in things like crypto is easy to grasp, mastering all the finer details is not always so simple. If you just don’t get the terminology involved or can’t wrap your head around reading charts, robo trading platforms can help because the robotic trading tools do all the hard work for you. It really helps people benefit from trading who might not actually be interested in the complexities of how the market works or who find the fundamentals of how trading operates boring.

Robo trading is flexible

One thing which some traders around Swindon might worry about is the automatic nature of trading on platforms with robo tools. Not everyone is comfortable with handing over total control to a robo trading tool after all. The good news is that many tools on robotic trading platforms are customisable. This means you can tweak the trading tool to give you a level of control still and staff who work at the platform can also keep an eye on your account if desired.

Robo trading platforms come with many benefits

As the above shows, robo trading platforms and the tools they carry are worth considering. Not only can they save you time, they can also make trading simpler and take emotion out of your trades. The key thing is to look for a reputable platform which offers robotic trading you can trust.


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