Research finds Swindon fourth safest place in UK

By Barrie Hudson - 29 April 2022


Swindon is among the safest places in the UK according to new research.

Get Licensed, a company which helps people train for jobs as security guards, CCTV operators and door supervisors, used data including how safe locations felt to local people, violent offending rates and drug offences to rank communities.
It concluded that Swindon is fourth safest, with Warrington in the top spot followed by Cheltenham and York.
Immediately below Swindon is Cambridge, followed by Reading, Exeter, Oxford, Swansea and Stoke-on-Trent.
According to the data, Swindon has the seventh lowest street crime rate and 6.32 licensed taxis available per 1000 people.
A Get Licensed spokesperson said: "The UK is made up of many different towns and cities, each with its own personality and feel. From sleepy idyllic towns to vibrant bustling cities, each town and city has its own unique offering that can make it an attractive place to visit or even move to.
"However, not every place in the UK is equal in terms of how safe it is, especially after dark, with crime rates fluctuating from town to town.
"To get a better idea of which towns in the UK are the safest, and which are a little riskier, we’ve created the UK Safety Index. Having investigated 50 of the largest towns and cities in England and Wales for which data was available, and analysed them across a range of different factors, we can now reveal the best and worst places in the UK for safety." 
The safety index can be found at and more information about the company is available at


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