How What You Wear to Work Affects How Well You Work

By Jamie Hill - 29 October 2019


The UK has a productivity problem, says the Office of National Statistics.

An article about the ONS study on the lack of productivity growth by The Guardian reveals that productivity dropped by 0.2% in the first three months of 2019. UK workers have lost money since, if their productivity had stayed at the same level it was before the financial crisis, when productivity was growing at 2.3% a year, workers would have seen their wages grow by £5,000.


While there are many ways that productivity issues can be addressed from downloading mobile apps to use as you go to work to standing desks, changing what you wear is probably one of the easiest. Just by changing what you have on, you could potentially affect how well you work.

Are Your Clothes Making You Warm?


In a country where everyone seems to constantly complain about the weather, it's not very often that the sun is hot enough to give us a tan. However, an article about working in hot weather by Quartz reveals that when we're warmer, this can make us more unproductive. The site explains that the warmer you are, the more energy your body has to use to keep you cool and this can make other work tasks feel so difficult to do.

To be productive in the office, British workers should look at what they're wearing and see if the clothes they have on would keep them cool in the office but warm outside. Don't just wear thick clothes if it's raining outside, as the heating in your office building could make you feel very warm. Bring a change of clothes or ask your boss to turn the heating up or down.

Are You Wearing Comfortable Shoes?

Another item of clothing that can affect productivity at work are your shoes and the level of comfort they offer. It can be difficult to work hard when your shoes are hurting you, are soaked through from the British rain, or don't give you the support you need. However, if safety is important in your line of work, it can be even more difficult to find shoes that are comfortable and look good at the same time; shoes that look good don't always keep your feet dry, as many of us have been unfortunate to discover.

There are some brands that do offer shoes that do both, though. The workwear company engelbert strauss is one option, as the company has been making work footwear that's safe and comfortable as well as relevant accessories for various jobs for more than 100 years. For instance, there are safety boots with puncture-resistant soles and safety shoes that have aluminium toe caps so that they are more lightweight than the steel version. Because engelbert strauss's focus is on workwear that combines comfort with utility, they are able to provide useful solutions that address the needs of different workers in different types of workplaces. 

What Do Your Work Clothes Say About You?


At work, it's not just you who is affected by what you wear; it's also those around you. An Inc article about what you wear to work revealed that people look at your shoes to guess what your personality is like, your age, seniority level, and more.

What you wear can also affect whether people trust you and would like to do business with you. That seems like a huge amount of things to learn from an outfit, but if you work in a customer or client-facing position or have to go to meetings often, the way you dress can potentially affect your career, even if it's not done consciously.  

Your work clothes are about more than just looking good or feeling comfortable. They can also affect how well you work and how much money you earn, making the way you choose your wardrobe important. 

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