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By Staff Reporter - 20 September 2018

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The natural lifespan of those living in western or first world nations is substantial, and it is only going to lengthen as the years go on. Settling for a job that you do not like or enjoy is, therefore, a mistake. Careers must be chosen based on both passion and skill. Working towards your dream can exponentially improve your quality of life, but not every dream is ideal for you. You need to do your research and narrow down your dream job based on your interests and qualifications and, by following these tips, you can start making real progress towards achieving your dream and living your best life.

Research how other people have achieved your dream job

When it comes to life, there is no set path. There is no right or wrong way when going about achieving your dreams, only the drive to make it happen. Knowing how to direct your efforts, however, can help you achieve your goals faster. To start, it can be very useful to research your heroes. How did they get their big break? What steps did they take to achieve their goals? Use them as inspiration to help you direct your efforts more effectively.

Improve your skills and qualifications on your own

Just because you are out of university, it does not mean you should be finished with education. Not only are there are a variety of free online courses that have been created by top UK universities, but there are also workshops, in-class courses and night school, all of which are ideal for adding skills to your CV. Keeping on top of your education can be vital to certain careers, such as digital marketing, where Google can update their algorithm overnight, causing huge issues to your digital marketing campaign.

Find jobs that will help you progress

When looking for your job, turn to trusted job search sites, such as Gumtree. You can click here and view jobs in Hull, Liverpool and beyond, and improve the quality of your search by searching for specific job types and keywords. Be sure to read the job descriptions thoroughly, so that you can cater your CV and cover letter to the jobs you are applying for, and see whether it is the right entry-level or senior level for you if you have experience already.

Continue to network throughout your career

Your efforts should never begin and end with getting your first job. You need to network more effectively with every single person you meet, both in your industry and without. You never know how useful or valuable someone might be until you need their help or if they have a job offer that exceeds your wildest expectations. Be sure to always ask for the contact details of anyone you have met, be it in your company or at a function your company has asked you to attend. You should network for the company you currently work for, but also for yourself.  

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