Five reasons to volunteer while being young

By Jamie Hill - 23 April 2019


It is believed that volunteers invest their time and efforts completely free and do not receive anything for their work. However, not everything in the world is measured by money. The most important thing that a volunteer gets is an opportunity to change the world and his or her own life. The experience and acquaintances acquired during volunteering can be useful in different life situations. Incidentally, it has been proven: volunteering brings happiness.

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1. Practical skills

Volunteers can try themselves in any area. Usually, you are not expected to perform professional tasks. Volunteers may be asked to browse social networks, communicate with participants and guests, organize events, while being involved in social projects. When you join a volunteer organization, you start to get the soft skills, communication and management skills that you can really grasp only in practice. Another advantage - you choose the sphere in which you want to try yourself. So, you may probably get the practical skills that you need in the future profession.

2. Perfect CV

In the American and European CV samples, there is a line "volunteering". This is all because such an experience helps to get a dream job. Volunteering for employers is often an indicator of the social position and activity of the candidate. Moreover, volunteers are more often to have a high level of initiative when performing tasks. All this automatically increases the chances of employment.

3. Networking

Networking - is a significant advantage of volunteering. Social projects, events, conferences are always organized and visited by interesting people and you will get an opportunity to get acquainted with them. During the events, you can meet a future employer or even your future husband or wife. So, spending time with benefits for others is useful for expanding the list of acquaintances.

4. Informal education

Depending on the sphere you choose, you can also obtain important knowledge through informal education. With the help of volunteering, you will attend or even organize educational lectures and conferences for others, getting a unique organizational experience as well as up-to-date information from the experts. This knowledge will play an important role in your further activities.

5. Happiness

According to the 1996 Harlow and Cantor research, volunteering correlates with a sense of personal importance and satisfaction. Mahatma Gandhi said that the best way to find herself is to focus on helping others. Once you first implement your own project - you will want to do it again. A similar feeling of satisfaction and happiness is difficult to obtain with other activity.

Sometimes it may seem like volunteering is an unnecessary waste of time. There is no doubt that there are many stereotypes and things that people do not understand in volunteering. Look around: there are so many things made by volunteers. Would you like to be a part of changes – make them yourself.

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