Swindon teen demonstrates abundant sporting resilience

By Jessica Durston - 18 August 2021


Lawn Manor Academy praise Amelia Tye for upholding one of the school's core values - resilience.

  • Amelia shows off her triathlon medal

    Amelia shows off her triathlon medal

The 13-year-old will move into year 10 at Lawn Manor Academy this September, and from a young age she has competed in a number of sporting competitions, requiring extensive training, discipline and commitment.

Her recent achievements include participating in a triathlon at Bowood House in June, where she completed a 400m swim, 9km bike ride and 2.4km run through the scenery of the estate. 

In July Amelia took part in the Henley Mile, a one-mile swim in the River Thames on the same course as the Henley Royal Regatta. 

Amelia said: “I started exercising at the age of five and doing triathlons at eight.  My first competitive triathlon was when I was 8.  Triathlons are fun, the swimming is my favourite because I’m a water baby.  At Bowood there were quite a few different age groups and a lot of people from all over the country and other countries too.  It was a really hot day and it was very hot swimming in the lake – I had to put water in my trisuit to cool down! 

“I used to do competitions with my sister, but although my sister still races she hasn’t done triathlons this year.  My mum is my go-to trainer.  I go swimming twice a week, cycling once a week and go running whenever I can.”

Lawn Manor Headteacher, Sandra Muir said: “By teaching our students how to demand the best of themselves, we will send them out into the world ready to embrace the challenges they will meet: whether they are in the boardroom, on the stage, in the lab or on the sports field, at home or abroad. By nurturing a positive mind-set, it gives our pupils the ability to navigate through life, adapt to change and learn through adversity.”

Chris Fox, teacher at Lawn Manor Academy added: “It is a pleasure to teach Amelia. We specialise in developing stronger working relationships with our students and provide support beyond academics to include developments in resilience, perseverance as well as skills that can be used beyond the walls of our school.

"Amelia brings her passion, enthusiasm and her energy into everything she does and it is great she is being recognised for her achievements both in and outside of school.”

Lawn Manor Academy says it welcomes applications from new pupils across Swindon.

School tours are available, along with an opportunity to meet with existing pupils and the school’s senior leadership team. 

Those interested can contact Stacy Nicholas on 01793 487286 or email snicholas@lawnmanor.org for more information.

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