A Complete Guide to Create Outstanding and Marks Gaining Assignments

By Jamie Hill - 2 January 2020


I have seen many students who’re struggling with writing their academic writing tasks such as assignments, essay writing, and term papers. They complain most of them fail to meet the criteria college management has set for the students.

A few months, I was amazed why most students dislike custom writing and what types of problems and difficulties they face when they come to creating college assignments and research papers. So I research to find out what sort of problems students face, how they can tackle them, and why does it happen?

A few weeks ago, I visited different colleges and universities and asked students to share their academic problems. I was shocked to know that most students come up with bundles of problems. The first problem they shared with me was their poor writing skills. Students mostly have poor writing skills because school teachers don’t focus on to improve student’s writing skills. And when they start college, they get familiar with a lot of new writing rules.

Writing tasks have a significant role in making students’ final year result. And most students don’t know how to create high quality and marks gaining assignment. Although there is an option to hire an essay writing service to purchase writing document students also need to improve their writing skills. For this purpose, I have created a guide which would help students to create marks gaining and good quality assignments.


1.Topic Understanding is Compulsory

Do you think without having background knowledge of a topic or topic understanding one can create a good piece of writing? For me, it is way too hard to write a complete paper on a topic that I don’t understand.

To create a worth reading assignment, the first thing you have to do is to understand the literal meaning of the topic and then research on it.

2.Discuss Your Topic with Others

Discussion is the key factors to become a successful student. Make sure to take part in the class discussion for better understanding. It will also help you to work better when you come to write assignments.

Before you start working on your assignment, make sure to discuss its topic with your class teacher or seniors for better understanding. They can also guide you about different perspectives.

3.Conduct Good Research

Research is the main element of creating an excellent and worth reading assignment. In order to create a worth reading and informative piece of paper, you should have good research skills to collect material.

4.Make Outline

Jot down all the important points on a page which you feel you should have to mention in your assignment. In this way, you’ll be less likely to miss any important point. Outlining of an assignment helps to divide all the material equally.

5.Use Writing Tools to Remove Error

When you come to create an academic assignment, there should not be any grammatical mistakes. If you feel you make a grammatical mistake, then you can invest in writing tools to remove all errors from your written content.

6.Don’t Overlook Structure

When we talk about structure, most students think it means introduction, body, and conclusion. In actual structure means writing follow the accurate font size, line spacing, paragraphing, and many more.

  • Write in short paragraph and use short sentences.
  • Each paragraph should carry separate but relevant information.
  • There should not be spelling or grammar mistakes.



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