Lawn Manor Academy celebrates Ofsted ‘Good’

By Jamie Hill - 21 September 2023


The organisation that oversees and monitors education standards across the UK, Ofsted, has acknowledged the dedication and expertise of teachers at Lawn Manor Academy, awarding the school a ‘Good’ rating in all categories in its most recent inspection.

  • Lawn Manor Academy pupils with headteacher Sandra Muir

    Lawn Manor Academy pupils with headteacher Sandra Muir

Since becoming part of the Ascend Learning Trust in 2017, the school has strived to raise standards and give the best opportunities to all of its pupils, as well as level the educational playing field for the pupils who come from some of the most disadvantaged areas of Swindon.

The report, which was released yesterday (20 September), celebrates the high standards and expectations placed on pupils, which in return have led to an improvement in results and the overall school experience.  The report describes pupils as “polite, considerate and respectful”, and the school as a “calm and purposeful environment where pupils focus on their learning.”

Lawn Manor Academy is unique within Swindon, and the wider area, for its diversity and cultural mix.  This diversity is celebrated with a number of events throughout the year where Lawn Manor Academy families come together to showcase their backgrounds and culture, as well as the introduction of the role of ‘welcome ambassadors’ in order to help new pupils settle into school life and build friendships.  These initiatives have been hailed by Ofsted as positive contributions to the school community, that have “established a culture where diversity is valued and celebrated.”

The school has introduced a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for pupils, which complement and support learning, including Latin, philosophy, robotics and LGBTQ clubs, and Ofsted recognises that pupils embrace these opportunities for their benefit.

Life at Lawn Manor Academy is also much more than the five years that pupils will potentially spend there, but they’re also supported to reach their highest potential for their lives after school.  Introducing pupils to career opportunities and the organisations and employers who may be of benefit to them in the future is a key focus, as acknowledged by Ofsted, which said, “pupils are well informed about the opportunities available to them when they leave school. They benefit from regular encounters with local colleges and employers. This helps pupils to make informed decisions about post-16 education and training.”

Sandra Muir, Headteacher at Lawn Manor Academy, said: “We’re thrilled that Ofsted has rated us as a ‘Good’ school; the report is overwhelmingly positive and we are absolutely delighted by it.

“It was clear throughout the inspection just how much pride there is to be part of the school – from pupils, staff and parents - and how our culture of being welcoming and inclusive is solidly ingrained in everything we do. This has also been captured in the report.   It recognises the importance and impact of the Lawn Manor Way and our ILEARN values, which instil independence, a positive attitude and resilience in our pupils.  

“This is a great achievement for the school and is due to the hard work of all the staff and pupils, who often go above and beyond without it being asked of them.”

For more information about Lawn Manor Academy, which will be holding an Open Evening for prospective pupils and their parents and carers tonight, Thursday 21st September, visit  There will also be an opportunity to book tours of the school, please visit for further information.

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