Excellent GCSE results for Lydiard Park Academy students

By Jessica Durston - 16 August 2021


Lydiard Park Academy has reported outstanding achievements by its GCSE students.

Students who attracted special praise included Lucas Iopp, who secured 10 Band 9 grades.

Principal Gary Pearson said: “It was great to see so many Year 11s open their results this morning. The pupils should be very proud of their well-earned achievements which have been the culmination of two years of hard work and dedication.

"This cohort of pupils have had so much to contend with during their GCSEs but have always expressed a positive attitude. I am looking forward to welcoming the majority of pupils back in September to start their Sixth Form journey.”

Some of the Lydiard Park Academy students to achieve high band results were:

Lucas Iopp: 10 band 9s, 1 Band 8

Erin Hartley: 8 Band 9s, 2 Band 8s

Grace Hodge: 8 Band 9s, 2 Band 8s

Olivia James: 8 Band 9s, 2 Band 8s

Jessica Miles: 7 Band 9s, 2 Band 8s, 1 Band 7

Benjamin Mortimer: 7 Band 9s, 2 Band 8s, 1 Band 7

Jameel Ruhomaun: 5 Band 9s, 2 Band 8s, 3 Band 7s

Emily Kingstone: 4 Band 9s, 6 band 8s

Zoe Bailey: 4 Band 9s, 3 Band 8s, 3 Band 7s

Matthew Lundberg: 2 Band 9s, 6 Band 8s, 2 Band 7s

More information about Lydiard Park Academy can be found at: https://www.lydiardparkacademy.org.uk/

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