Arguments in Favour of Requiring College Students to Take Marketing Courses

By Jamie Hill - 13 February 2019

College & Higher Education

University students have to take some required courses apart from their major subjects to complete their degree. These courses are necessary to increase the general knowledge of the students and their participation in social activities. The goal of the general education subjects is to ensure that even if students specialise in a specific field, they still know what is going on elsewhere. Courses related to political science, philosophy, and sociology are among the classes available depending on the major taken.

Marketing is a specialised field and only those who feel interested in pursuing a career in marketing take these courses. The truth is that marketing is essential for any college graduate, and taking a compulsory basic marketing course is vital. These are some arguments in favour of it.

Anyone can start a business

These days, many budding entrepreneurs decide to start a business. They do not have a background in business. Some of them did not even finish college. However, with their excellent business ideas and the ability to promote their brand, they can become successful. Any college graduate can start a business, and if they know about marketing, it will also help them succeed.

It builds self-confidence

In marketing, you need to be confident if you want to promote your products. You cannot be effective in selling them if you are not confident about yourself. Self-confidence is a value that all students need to learn. You might find college graduates who do not believe in their capabilities. They might have the necessary skills, but their lack of confidence is pulling them back.

Any career requires promotion

Whether you are in engineering, politics or business, you need to learn to promote something. For instance, as a teacher, you need to learn how to promote ideas. As a politician, you need to push yourself and your political ideologies. You can learn these skills when you study marketing. You do not need to know all the intricacies of the field, but basic knowledge is more than enough.

It is the future

Social media influencers are everywhere these days. They make money out of self-promotion. They know how to build a brand. They can freely express their thoughts. They do not fear a backlash. These skills are possible to acquire if you learn marketing. Not everyone will become a social media influencer, but the skills are applicable in almost any field out there. Graduates who are unable to promote themselves and their skills will have a bleak future.

Imagine if you decided to start a business even if you graduated in engineering. At some point, you need to promote your brand. You need to learn internet marketing and other forms of marketing techniques, including the use of rollerbanners. You cannot start learning when you are already rolling your business out. Your prior knowledge in this area from when you studied at university will help you do an excellent job and succeed as an entrepreneur.

Given these reasons, it is time to consider the need to make marketing a compulsory college course.

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