Swindon school receives praise after first Ofsted inspection in over a decade

By Jessica Durston - 10 November 2022


Moredon Primary School has been rated 'Good' in all areas by Ofsted after a visit marking the first it has had in ten years.

Following an inspection in late September, staff and families at Moredon Primary School celebrated being rated Good in all areas in their recently published Ofsted report.

This recent report was the first published about the school in over a decade.

It was said to have praised the high standards set for pupils:

“Leaders have very high expectations of what pupils can achieve. Pupils are proud to be part of the school and strive to do their best. Strong routines mean that learning begins without delay.”

Inspectors were also said to have been struck by the behaviour of students, writing: “All pupils, including those in the early years, understand that they are at school to learn. Most are very keen to do so. Staff are very clear about what behaviour they expect.”

Among other praise, the report also comments on the ambition of our curriculum, and in particular, our focus on reading: “The reading curriculum is rigorous. The very youngest children learn to love books and to begin to know some letters. Any child falling behind is identified quickly and helped to keep up.

"All pupils read often. Staff read to pupils in a way that captures their interest and builds a love of reading.”

Claire Leach, Principal at the school said: “We have a crucial role serving our local community in Moredon, Swindon, and we are very proud that we are able to deliver a good education for our local community.”

“There’s always room for improvement, and we are really buoyed by the positive content of this report to continue pushing forwards, developing confidence and capability in every child who joins Moredon.”

Simon Cowley, Executive Director of Primaries at The White Horse Federation, of which the school is a member, said: “Reflected in this report, staff and the community at Moredon Primary School have reinforced their school’s reputation as an exceptional setting for any child to receive primary education.”

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