New College students showcase their final projects with unique exhibition at Designer Outlet

By Jessica Durston - 11 May 2022

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Photography and Textile students from New College Swindon are currently running a public exhibition at the Designer Outlet to showcase their final project works.

Members of the public can view this exhibition at the Swindon Designer Outlet for a limited time. 

It will run until Sunday, 15 May, each day from 10am - 8pm. The two exhibition spaces can be located on the far side of the outlet centre, opposite the Monsoon store. 

A private launch event was held on Monday, 9 May, where friends and family members of those involved could attend. Snacks and drinks were available, and students were offering attendees the chance to purchase some of the photographic products from the exhibition through a pop-up shop towards the back of the space.  

The BTEC Level 3 Creative Pratice Photography students from New College are using Unit 127 at the shopping centre to display their final pieces for a project entitled 'Perspectives.' 

Each student has chosen their own take on the theme of 'perspective' and has created a portfolio of works that can be found hanging on the walls of the space. Alongside the images, each student has written some words to explain the thought process and inspiration behind their work. 

One of the students showcasing his work is Harry Gasson (pictured in gallery above).

He spoke about his involvement and his inspirations: "This is a college project we have been working on since January. It’s our final project for the year. It’s been a group effort and we’ve all been working really hard to get this amazing space. We chose the theme of ‘Perspectives’ and we’ve all individually gone a bit deeper into this idea.

“I chose to focus on a Countryside perspective – looking at what it is like to live in the countryside and the certain things that you will see or do, and the friends that you will meet. A lot of hard work has gone into this exhibition and we’ve had to do a lot of coursework and writing along the way.

"I’m so glad to finally have our work here in the outlet for members of the public to be able to attend. We really tried to go above and beyond with this project, as usually our work is just looked at and displayed in-house at the college. It’s been great to use this space this time to show people what we can do.”

Another student, Katy Burns (pictured in gallery above) chose to interpret the theme in a different way.

She said: “My perspective is the perspective of life - I wanted to interpret the theme in a wider sense. I work as a general photographer and do not focus in on one particular area. I have covered street photography, documentary-style photography, portrait work and events photography in my images. I wanted to show the different perspectives of life and a range of photography styles.

“I’m very proud of my work. It consists of images of family and friends, and areas I’m fond of, like Cirencester. I wanted to portray my feelings for the subjects through image – and that’s what photography is all about really.

“It’s surreal seeing my work up on the walls in an actual exhibition space. It’s nice seeing my photos up alongside my friends’ projects and seeing all of our hard work come to life and be displayed for the public. I have doubted myself over my images so much, and seeing them hung up makes me appreciate them properly. In a word, this experience has been unimaginable.”

Next door, final year textiles students from the college are also showcasing their work. They have put together final pieces as part of an exhibition entitled 'Visionary House.' Some students produced jewellery, clothing, accessories, printed textile materials, and furniture.

Tanchho Limbu (pictured with his final piece in the gallery above) is one of the current Textiles students at New College. He is displaying his final piece - an outfit he has made himself by recycling and repurposing garments and other items. 

He said: "This is my first exhibition and I was very excited to set this up. At the beginning of this project, I set myself a personal goal to carry out three separate projects to come together as one. I am disappointed in myself that I did not achieve this, but I feel that the one piece I did create is a really good solid piece that does work to make up for this.

“I have upcycled/recycled everything for this project. The layering aspect and overall style was inspired by Yohji Yamamoto. He creates plainer, statement pieces that make use of layering. I went with this post-apocalyptic universe world context, where people would be trying to survive. The piece is made up of military clothing items and the bottom half is made from a sleeping bag. I like the grungy aesthetic and the colour palette – I think it turned out really well.”

(Also pictured in gallery, photography students Stephanie Metcalf (left sat at desk) and Mya-Louise Cooke (right, at desk)).

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