Noremarsh Junior School celebrates Women's History Month

By Jessica Durston - 30 March 2023

  • Noremarsh Ambassadors created their first Women's History Month display board this week

    Noremarsh Ambassadors created their first Women's History Month display board this week

Noremarsh Junior School have been doing their bit this March to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Women's History Month is celebrated globally during the month of March, every year.  

This week at Noremarsh the School Ambassadors created their first display for Women’s History Month.

Each Ambassador had chosen a women they wanted to celebrate and remember to be displayed on the board, ranging from Marie Curie to Agatha Christie. The board also features a timeline on women throughout our history and their achievements from Ethiopian queens to suffragettes, scientists and senior politicians.

The Ambassadors researched them and their impact on society at the time and their legacy today. Israt chose to write about women she knows, challenging the whole school to think about the mums, sisters, aunties, teachers, friends and family who have shaped their history and how they have inspired them.

For science week, they added features on prominent female scientists throughout history including Mary Anning and the three NASA scientists which inspired the film Hidden Figures - Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson & Dorothy Vaughan. Ambassadors made sure they covered a range of scientific fields and included people, like Rachel Carson, that children may not have heard of before.

Headteacher, Hilary MacMeekin, has followed the theme womens history month theme throughout assemblies, allowing the childen to learn more about female scientists, writers and activists. She said the school have been thinking about how all of these incredible women - Maya Angelou, Yusra Mardini, Rosalind Frankin and many others - have paved a way for the women who follow after them and how they demonstrated the school values of Ambition, Belonging and Compassion. 

Noremarsh says it recognises that Women’s History Month is an important celebration, - it is a month of reflection, appreciation, and celebration.

A spokesperson from the school said: "It is a time for us to celebrate the accomplishment and contributions from all the women over history that changed the world. The month hosts International Women’s Day this year was held on 8 March 2023."

Hilary MacMeekin, Headteacher at Noremarsh Junior School added: “There are too many empowering women in our history to name them all, Queen Elizabeth II our longest reigning Monarch was a powerful part of our British history with many monumental moments. This month marks the celebration of every women in the world.

"With Mothering Sunday coming up it is also a great time to celebrate our mothers, aunties, and grandmas/nans. It’s great to see all of the children at Noremarsh choosing their own individual person that inspires them or they look up to.”

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