How to Avoid Procrastination in College: 6 Effective Tips

By Staff Reporter - 4 June 2020

College & Higher Education


“There is much time left until the day when I need to submit the academic paper. So, I can throw a party today, see my friends tomorrow, and just relax.” Does it sound familiar? Do you do this almost every time and then feel stressed because of your assignments? Have you got used to putting off college assignments until the very last minute? 

Well, this is a bad habit. Let’s face it. The good news is that you can replace it with a good habit. And guess what? You are not alone in this. It’s the most common problem for most students and even some adults. 

Today, students can avoid issues associated with procrastination. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy an essay online cheap from well-versed writers like those from WriteMyPaperHub. If you lack the time for doing an assignment, just hire a specialist. They will provide you with high-quality help. 

This is an effective way to meet the deadline if you suffer from procrastination. It can be real find as fighting procrastination can take time. Forming a new habit can take up to 66 days. And you need to turn in your essay as soon as possible. You can’t wait that long, right? 

However, of course, you need to deal with your procreation and get rid of it. You can’t ask for professional assistance with each college assignment for years. So, there is no other way but to get organized. Here are several simple tips that will help you to avoid stress and complete assignments on time.

Install a Calendar App on Your Smartphone

It’s easy to forget a due date if you balance work and studies. Today, it’s much easier to keep track of all the assignments you need to do and track your individual progress. There are many effective planner apps for both Android and iOS. 

Install the calendar online and manage time more effectively. Write down each due date in the planner and you won’t miss anything important.

Set the Goals You Can Achieve

One of the reasons why students procrastinate is because the goal seems to be not achievable. You’re recommended to set goals you can achieve by dividing complicated projects into many simple tasks. Don’t set vague goals. Say to yourself: “Today, I’ll learn the 10th paragraph” instead of “I’ll study Chemistry”. 

Create the Schedule and Try to Stick to It

You should think about the study schedule that will be convenient for you. Divide the tasks for each day of the week and complete each of them one by one. You should try to do each piece of the assignment within the chosen time limit. Sticking to a certain schedule, you’ll get used to doing tasks within the set timeline.

Set Specific Dates for All Your Goals

This rule refers not only to study goals but to all the goals in your personal life. Some people say “Once I’ll organize my schedule”. Abstract time limits don’t help to achieve the goal. You need to set deadlines for everything you want to do. Those who say “someday” never keep their promises while those who set specific dates do their best to achieve the goal. Also, remember, that the best moment to get started is now. Don’t wait for tomorrow if you have a realistic goal. 

Forget about Social Networks When Doing Assignments

Do you check your Facebook and Instagram profile every five minutes? It’s the problem of most people of the 21st century. However, you should try to concentrate on your projects and get rid of anything that can distract you from studies. 

Otherwise, homework will take much more time. You risk making mistakes and miss something important if you take your smartphone from time to time and look at pics, etc. 

The mobile phone and social networks aren’t the only distractions you need to get rid of. You are recommended to choose a silent cozy space for doing homework. Loud music and noise will definitely prevent you from doing college assignments in the right way. If you like listening to music much and got used to listening to it when writing papers, then, choose the classical genre.

Take Small Breaks from Time to Time

The human brain needs time to rest. It’s impossible to work for hours effectively without taking a break. So, do the homework in one subject, then, take a break up to 30 min and proceed to do the rest of your homework. You can do anything during the break. The main thing is to let your brain relax. You can achieve this goal by having a walk in the fresh air. 

Follow the tips above and you’ll notice that you don’t want to procrastinate anymore. You’ll get organized and achieve all your goals within a short time.


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